short : Alias editor/checker for Dialog Pro BBS. author : (Erno Tuomainen) uploader : moonlite sonata fipnet fi (Erno Tuomainen) type : comm/dlg architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 19.04K Date : 8-Jul-94 Download : 💾
Version CheckAlias 0.50 (05.07.1994) What is it for? This program just ensures that user's alias does not contain any illegal characters, like spaces. If it detects spaces in the Alias, it will ask for a new Alias. Optionally it will also check that every user (who runs this program) will have a different Alias! For this, CheckAlias needs the database Generated by FixAlias. It's very useful for DLG systems which have Internet e-mail and Usenet News available for users. Internet address may not contain (to my knowledge) no spaces in it. If you have forced ALIASES to be used as USERNAME in the internet-address then this utility is for you. Requirements: Dialog Pro BB/OS installed and running, OS2.04 atleast.
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