short : V3.0 of CDR. A Superior CDROM Reader for author : uploader : Thomas Newsom allhours karoo co uk type : comm/dlg replaces : CDR* architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 53.46K Date : 30-Jun-98 Download : 💾
My apologies to everyone who used V2.0. CDIndex just didn't work on various machine setups. V3.0 does :) Now upto V3.0 and fully integrated with DLG. Uses DLG's own Batch.File for placing tagged files prior to downloading. Are you fed up with having to use makelink to get your CD ROM's online for your users? Are you fed up with loads of config files as well to get your CD ROM's online?? One thing I sorely missed when I moved from CNet to DLG was a decent CD ROM reader! Well, here is my own effort at adddressing that sorely lacking area. This is a set of two programs that allows the viewing of online CD ROM's. One is CDR_Index which creates the needed index files for the main program CDReader to perform it's magic. Docs come in 3 flavours. ASCII, Guide format and html format (html format is a big rough around the edges but works).
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