short : Excellent bulletin manager for DLG. author : uploader : Phillip_Eastham kumear DIALix oz au type : comm/dlg architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 23.22K Date : 15-Jun-96 Download : 💾
Blitz-Bulletin is a program which allows you to display upto 17 bulletins to your users. Features include: o It operates independandly of DLG's normal bulletin system. o You can have as many 'sets' of bulletins as you like. o Can attach a file to each bulletin. (registered only) o Can set an amount of time the user must wait before they can proceed after reading a bulletin (Forced reading time!). (registered only) o On-Line configuration for the sysop (Except adding of file attach). o Keeps track of the date of last change to a bulletin. o Keeps track of the number of times a bulletin has been read. o Forces a user to read ALL bulletins before they can exit. o Can display colour and many of DLG's %-Switches in the bulletin body. o Can run a command after displaying a bulletin. o Can set a range of access levels needed to view a bulletin. Blitz-Bulletin is shareware! It is part of the Blitz-Utils package. In the unregistered version file attaches and forced reading delay's have been disabled. As with most of my products, users with an access level of 255 can run the program in registered form, even if they haven't got a keyfile. The cost is US$20, or US$15 if you have registered the M-Tag package. Please send only CASH, cheque, or American Express money order. DO NOT send international money order's! You can report bugs/enhancement ideas to me at: Phillip Eastham @ 3:622/406 (FidoNet) (InterNet)
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