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ViewLog, v5.02 is an update to fix a "real" bug in the VL_Maint file when used on systems with less than 15 logs created initially. This version also has my newest error-checking routines installed(which translate the lethal mci-code characters into their readable { and \ counterparts). ViewLog, v5.01 is an update to correct some corrupted characters that were in some v5.00 command files, which caused them not to be usable. ViewLog, v5.00 was completely rewritten from the ground up to be much more powerful than previous versions. This version of ViewLog was written for use with the latest versions of CNet Amiga(v4.22 as of this writing), and will NOT function on earlier versions. (Grab a copy of ViewLog, v4.1 if you'd like to use this on a v3.05c CNet version) What ViewLog does is to read how you have your current logs setup(in the CNet Config program), then additionally goes into your "SysData:Log/" path and looks there for any OTHER logs you may have set up. It then adds these logs to it's config file, so that you can edit them further. For each log scanned in, the following can be done to each: - You can specify an Access Group Range for each log, which determines which, if any, users on your bbs can view the log. - You can choose to trim the log yourself, or to let automaintenance do it. - You can specify how LONG each log should be(in lines) after it has been trimmed. - You can optionally specify if a log should have a "history" kept on it. This history will contain all previously trimmed portions of the original log file. - You can specify how LONG each log HISTORY should be(again, in lines) after it has been trimmed. - You can create a "header" for each log, which makes it a bit easier to figure out what the info in each log MEANS. - You can set a "Master SysOp" flag, which means only the SysOp holding ID number 1 can trim or delete a log or history file. The USER Version of ViewLog will list ONLY those logs THAT user has access to reading. Depending on the user's terminal settings, they will have the ability to use an ANSI selection method, or an ASCII menu system. The SYSOP Version of ViewLog allows the SysOp to view logs and histories, trim any log/history, delete any log/history, launch the config, maint, or amaint modules, as well as various other goodies! :-) Used in conjunction with my AnsiRead Program, the users and sysops also have the full power to search, count, mark and save text, and easily move around within each log file. If you don't already have AnsiRead, then I HIGHLY suggest getting a copy of this file for use with ViewLog, v5.00! === v5.00 === - Release Date: October 2, 1996! - This version SPECIFICALLY written for v4.23 CNet Amiga, and will NOT run on earlier 4.xx versions, NOR will it run on v3.05c. SysOps till using v3.05c will have to continue using the 4.1 version ViewLog. - Those bugs I could remember in the BETA version were removed, and the following additional changes were also made: - The "ViewLog5.cfg" file is now stored directly in the "ViewLog5/" directory, and it is now possible to store this directory ANYWHERE on your system you so wish. - The CONFIG program was modified: - The "Command Path" was removed, as it is no longer needed. - Toggles for AnsiRead usage in both the LF and VL modules were included. - A complete path/filename are now asked for the LOCATION of the AnsiRead program IF you'll be using it. - The AMAINT program received some corrections, notably where it saw instances of your first defined log(in the VL_Data) file as being NEW. The output of this file, while it is running, was also modified to more adequately describe what it is doing. - The MAINT program needed certain modifications to it's getuser values in order to correctly read your log values from CNet's memory structures. The "Q" command was also fixed. - The USERLOG viewer received the enhanced AnsiRead calls, as well as the "smart" path changes. - The SYSOPLOG viewer received the same changes as were made to the USERLOG, and additionally: - The "A" command was not working. - History files were being corrupted during trimming operations. - The colors used for displaying the names of the logs were not being reset properly when the "ALL" menu receeded off the top of the screen. - A few additional confirmation requests were added in areas where they were lacking. - The amigaguide doc file was updated to include info on suggested log usage, as well as having it's BETA notes removed. This HISTORY file was also included. === v4.90 === - This was the BETA version 5.00, released February 20, 1996 to only a handful of users. Written for the first release of CNet, v4.xx by Ken Pletzer, this file was started completely from scratch, as there were some specific NEW features I wanted to see added: - You can now specify ACCESS GROUP RANGES for each log to be used in the determination of who exactly gets to see each log. - Separate group ranges, as well as a "master" control were also added to determine who has the ability to perform maintenance on each log. - The logs can now be TRIMMED, or shortened to a specified number of lines, again where each log can have it's own trim value. - If you so choose, each log can also have a "history" file created from the "trimmings" of the above operation. You can also specify the length you wish each history file to be. - A new ANSI (and Ascii) screen display has been added for the User Log, so that ALL users can view logs. - A superior SysOp ViewLog module was also included. - A companion program, AnsiRead, is highly suggested to be used in conjunction with ViewLog. This AnsiRead program is used in the display of the logs and offers MANY commands for manipulating the log, searching for text strings, enabling/disabling interpretation of ANSI/MCI codes and MUCH, MUCH more. - The main README file was converted to AmigaGuide for more ease of use, as well as receiving "enhancements" for those using the 3.1 operating systems. - A "title" bar can also be created for each log, which is useful in figuring out what the DATA in a log means. -- Written by Dotoran of Frontiers --
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