short : CNet Text/AmigaGuide Filelist Generator! author : (david weeks) uploader : dotoran bluemoon net (david weeks) type : comm/cnet version : 1.96 requires : AmigaOS 2/3.x, CNet Amiga, v3.05c/v4.22 architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : anywhere, everywhere, please mirror! Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 119.57K Date : 3-Oct-96 Download : 💾
- Allows the SysOp to create BOTH text AND amigaguide formatted listings of files. - There are three types of scans that PLATINUM can do on a directory: - File Directory - If a "/data/_Items3" file exists. - Text Directory - If a "/data/_Items2" file exists. - Dos Directory - If neither of the above exists. - Regardless of the TYPE of directory in question, each filelist will contain at LEAST the filename, short description, file size, and the AGE of the file(in DAYS) Each listing will also contain a line of totals(files, bytes, etc). - If a "File Directory", one where an _Items3 file exists, the listing will also contain the number of times file was downloaded, whether or not the file was tested, if it was virus scanned, if it's marked as a SysOp Favorite, if it's a FREE Download, and the FULL eight line short description(from the _short file). A check will also be done on the "missing" flag, the "killed" flag, and the "post" flag, and these will be skipped is seen. - ALL listings(txt or guide) may also contain a Header File (or NEW FILES Header), a "Table of Contents", a listing of MAGIC Names, a "Most Downloaded Files" Listing, a "FREE Downloads" listing, a "SysOp Favorites" Listing, and a Footer File. - You have the ability of creating MULTIPLE listings, as well as a NEW FILES listing. You might choose to create a main FILES list, a NEWFILES list, then separate listings for specific groups(perhaps based on the computer being used, whether they were a SysOp, had Adult access, etc.) - You have the ability of individually toggling whether a TXT or GUIDE formatted listing is created for EACH list, so it's possible to create BOTH for SOME of the lists, only TXT's for others, only GUIDES, etc. - Each file can also be PACKED, using either ZIP, LHA, or LZX. You can opt to PACK the TXT file using one format, and the GUIDE using a different one, or choose NOT to pack a listing. - An included "Ansi-ARexx" config file allows the SysOp to easily modify any of the above settings, as well as creating the list of MAGIC names, with descriptions, Directory Paths, with descriptions, and more! This file also uses the "rexxreqtools" library to display requestors asking for information whenever it warrants the need for one(like when you're editing a path, or choosing the listing to use as JM's filelist, etc.) - As well as being able to create MUTLIPLE listings, you also have the ability of specifying WHICH directories to USE in each listing, AND what ORDER you wish them to appear in. The config file has numerous ways to make creating these "sorted" lists a snap! - A series of external text files for Headers, Footers, and GuideTexts can also be created. If you opt NOT to create one of the above, the "small"(4 lines) text file will be used(if it exists), but the "large" (10 lines) text file is used if you specify YES to include one. The CNet Visual Editor is used to edit these files from within CONFIG. - You can specify WHERE you wish the created filelists to be stored. - As mentioned below, you can specify up to SIX Node Addresses to where a user could FREQ you from. These addresses are used to create buttons in the AmigaGuides to ask the user to specify the correct .REQ name to use. - For those with slower systems, there's a toggle that allows filelists to be created from "Dos Information". You'll lose a lot of the "neat" features, however it will create smaller filelistings, which won't hurt the download times as much. - You can specify the number of days files will be considered NEW as, as well as the minimum number of times a file needs to be DOWNLOADED, so it can appear on the "Most Downloaded Files" listing. - You can toggle whether or not you wish the "Tiny Navigation System" to be used in AmigaGuides(more on this below). - Those using JamMail can specify one of the filelists to be used as the file sent to a user who types FILELIST from their "Press ESC twice..." prompt. - Those using FFRS can specify if they wish the INDEX file FFRS uses to locate files be updated each time filelists are created. - AmigaGuide formatted listings have these added features: - A "Pre-Header" allows SysOps running Multiple Networks to ask the reader to select which network they wish to REQUEST from. An "out" is also given for those NOT running mailer software. - The "Table of Contents" list, as well as the three Special Lists have the ability of taking you directly to the directory that houses the appropriate file(s). - The filelists, Magic list, Most Downloads List, SysOp Favorites, and Free Downloads listing have the ability of letting you click on their filenames and have that file's name added to a .REQ file. - A "Tiny Navigation System" is included in the form of some small buttons that appear at the start of every filelist. These buttons allow you to immediately go to the buttons screen, the magic names screen, one of the three special lists screens, or the main title screen, all at the click of a mouse button! Additional buttons let you KILL/DELETE a .REQ file that was already started, or VIEW the CONTENTS of a .REQ in progress. - A "customized" HELP Node is also created within each listing, which will only discuss commands available in THAT listing. For instance, if no "SysOp Favorites" exist, then the " S " button is not discussed, etc. (nor will the "S" button appear on the Navigation bar) - Up to EIGHT "Text Buttons" can also be included in the AmigaGuide listings. You can define ALL EIGHT, yet only choose to USE one or two in each listing, as well as specifying the ORDER you'd like the buttons to appear in. You'll be asked for the text to appear on the button, as well as the full path to the text file to use in the created node. -- Written by Dotoran of Frontiers --
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