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-- v1.1 -- - Released June 13, 1995. - Fixed Two Bugs: - An error occurred if you entered an empty directory. Now, if this should ever happen, you can either QUIT or BACK out of the empty directory and go back to the parent directory. - The counter used with the Color Cycling was not being RESET if you chose to edit more lists, which meant that even though the same Color Cycling string was displayed as the one to use, the items wouldn't START OUT in the same order as defined. (Meaning if you had the string AADD and used it on a listing of 3 items, then you chose to edit another listing, the first item in the new listing would be D, followed by A, A, D, D, etc., because only the first three colors were used in the first listing(leaving the last D)). - Added some ALIASES to the "B"ackup command. You can now go to the PARENT directory by typing any of these characters: B P - < ,(comma). If you're on the EDIT screen, the "P" key will only work if the PAST command is not needed(meaning the first item shown is number 1). Original Packed Ratio Date Time Name -------- ------- ----- --------- -------- ------------- 6736 2695 59.9% 13-Jun-95 23:24:28 PGNTitleEdit 1857 807 56.5% 13-Jun-95 23:10:48 PGNTitleEdit.HISTORY! 11022 4665 57.6% 13-Jun-95 23:29:38 PGNTitleEdit.README! -------- ------- ----- --------- -------- 19615 8167 58.3% 13-Jun-95 23:31:14 3 files --- from dotoran
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