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CNet Pfile Subboard Activity Graph, Version 1.1 This program will read in the info from CNet's data files and configure its' own data file from those. Then, based on that information it will construct an activity graph of the pfiles usage, and the percentage of the time they were used for the files in each subdirectory. This program will not make one 'global' activity graph of all your pfiles, rather it will construct individual ones for each sub-directory in your pfiles directory. For example, if you have a pfile subdirectory called Strategy, with 2 pfiles inside, called, say "War" and "Peace", the program would keep track of the information for each pfile and construct a graph something like below (only in ansi) .------------------------------------------------------------. | War Used 23 Times --------------------70% | | Peace Used 10 Times ---------30% | `------------------------------------------------------------' _____________________________________________________________________________ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%+ Installation: As you have already unarchived the files I'll consider that a given. Second, copy all the files in the archive into pfiles _in the directory they are already in_! Copy the whole directory into pfiles! ___________________________ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%+ Next, from inside CNet run the program 'gsi'. You can run it with the RunALL program by Dotoran or you can set it up as an Arexx Pfile in your maintainence directory in pfiles, or even invoke the CNet visual editor and type Ctrl-Q#0pfiles:pfusage/gsi} followed by a Ctrl-p, if you so desire. This program will prompt you for the number of subboards you wish to include. This is so that you can skip any maintainence subs or any others you don't want involved. (By the way, if you don't have your pfiles in sub-directories, shame on you! You'll have to wait till the next version when I will have coded support for that.) ___________________________ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%+ It's time to add a new logfile! If you already have a log running for RunPfile fine, just change the name to pfuse.log and all the items in the logfile will be added to the graph. You don't have to start from 0 if you already have the log going. You do, however, need to rename it to pfuse.log. Otherwise, run Config and find the entry for RunPfile (it's right at the bottom of the list). Click it once. To right where it says 'Optional Log Filename' enter pfuse.log That's it. Click on Add and you're all set. ___________________________ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%+ Next you will be adding something to CNet's events. Run CNet config; Enter events and add the following event: Args: pfiles:pfusage/usage Ports: whatever port number you normally run your maintainence from Days: All Time: whatever you like Interval: I suggest something like 5-10 minutes, but it can be whatever you like. More if your pfiles are EXTREMELY busy, less if they are fairly inactive. Iterate: Whatever your little heart desires (For 5 minutes above, it's 298) Now add it as an Arexx event and save. That part is done. ___________________________ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%+ ****-----Alternate installation-----**** #1 Add to the end of line 39 of bbstext {#0pfiles:pfusage/usage} This will activate the program at logoff. ^----Ctrl-Q #2 Add the same line as in #1, above, to your sys.exit for the subboards included. _____________________________________________________________________________ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%+ That's it!!!!! Now, whenever a user enters the pfiles sub-directories they will see an activity graph of the pfiles in that subboard! ***Unless they have their help level set to superuser.*** If you want ALL your users to see it you must disable their superuser status. There are several ways to do this. One is an enhancement available in CNet toolkit that modifies your BBSTEXT. Another is a script which would go through all users accounts and change their help level to expert if it was set to superuser. I have one that does this if you want it send me E-mail. __________________________________________________ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%+ --===Disclaimer===-- There is no warranty either real or implied with this software. You use it at your own risk and the author cannot be held responsible for any damage done by the program. "It works fine on my system, but may make yours crap the bed." This program is Mailware. If you use it and enjoy it, send the author mail at one of the addresses below. Desert Fox@911:6000/18.0 Clink Desert Fox -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: 2.6ui (Amiga) mQCNAjE58UMAAAEEALxQAXUHQwONQFPLQie9A+/BInuWJtbnH9Xm97mSzvG+7KpY NAvyTmloFXqK0f35nOhuZ6yFQFkFRw+N9RowRFyAsNSGi4Xxl9BTefMVQRjQ+PL9 PGJdI+AlCHT36J3/Z5GgIwwjXK37UhvSRqnGcw7XvhI1etcx9hgotY+QUE9NAAUR tBpGcmVkIEt1aG5lIDxkZXNmb3hAbWIub3JnPg== =aOzx -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
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