short : List config'd echos and associated nets + more! author : Ray Akey uploader : rakey netcore ca type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 9.82K Date : 5-Nov-95 Download : 💾
NetEchoList v1.0 by Ray Akey Developed using the SAS/C Development System -======- What is it?? ------------ NetEchoList, hereafter called "NEL", is a program designed to list and let you know if your CNet/Control/Fidonet echos are existant/configured in your message base. If CNet/Control is not running, you will simply get a list of the echos you've added in Control/Fidonet. If CNet/Control is running, you will be prompted with a list of the networks you have configured. You enter the number listed beside the chosen echo and NEL lists all echos related to that network and a "YES" or "NO". A YES signifies that the listed echo has already been AL'd to your Message Base. A NO means that it has not yet been added. If you just press ENTER at the "network choice" prompt, ALL configured echos will be listed, with the parent network listed in square brackets "[]". An example follows: ================================================================ Shell 1> NetEchoList Available networks: 1. FIDO 2. ATECHNET 3. TALKNET 4. AmigaNet Choose a network [RETURN/ENTER = ALL]: Configured echos Fido Type In Base0? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 246_ADULT [ FIDO ] No 246_FREENET [ FIDO ] Yes 246_SYSOP [ FIDO ] NET 246 SysOp conference - restri Yes 246_USER [ FIDO ] Yes 60S_70S_PROGROCK [ FIDO ] Yes AMIGA [ FIDO ] Amiga International Echo Yes AMIGA_CDROM [ FIDO ] Yes AMIGA_DESKTOP [ FIDO ] Yes Amiga_Filefind [ FIDO ] No AMIGA_INT [ FIDO ] Amiga International - WORLDWIDE A No AMIGA_LC [ FIDO ] Yes AMIGA_MUSIC [ FIDO ] Yes AMIGA_NET_DEV [ FIDO ] Yes AMIGA_OS&EM [ FIDO ] Yes ATECH_AMI_BEGIN [ ATECHNET ] beginners help each other out wit Yes ATECH_AMI_SALE [ ATECHNET ] Afidnet Amiga buy/sell/trade Yes ATECH_AMI_TECH [ ATECHNET ] Afidnet Amiga Technical Yes ATECH_AREXX_PROGRAM [ ATECHNET ] AFidNet Arexx Programming Yes ATECH_BBSADS [ ATECHNET ] Afidnet BBS Advertisements Yes ATECH_C_PROGRAMMING [ ATECHNET ] AFidNet 'C' Programming Yes ATECH_C_SOURCES [ ATECHNET ] Amiga C source code Yes ATECH_CNET_MODS [ ATECHNET ] AFidNet Cnet Modifications Yes ATECH_CNET_NEWS [ ATECHNET ] News about CNet Amiga Yes ATECH_CNET_TECH [ ATECHNET ] CNet Technical info/help Yes ATECH_COMPLAINTS [ ATECHNET ] Got a complaint about ATechNet? Yes listed 25 echos NetEchoList v1.0 copyright © 1995-1996 MetalSoft. ========================================================= Installation: ------------- Simple - just copy NetEchoList to Mail:bin/ or any other "path'd" directory and run NetEchoList as a regular AmigaDOS executable. CNet Installation ----------------- If you want to add NetEchoList to your BBSMENU so that the command is available as a CNet command, simply add the following command to your BBSMENU at the end of section "1;Maintenance Commands": NEL |{#4mail:bin/NetEchoList} ...then choose "Text/Menu Reload" from your CNet/Control menus and enter the command "NEL" from any CNet prompt and you'll get the same behaviour from NEL as you would from any CNet shell. This is another freebie from Metal Software for CNet Amiga! Distribution ------------ This software MAY be distributed on CDRom collections and/or any other distribution/media packages and collections.
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