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Long: ======================================= MBLister V2.2 - CNet filelist generator Documentation - Mar 3, 1994 - ======================================= Copyright (c) 1994 by Jens 'McBoe' Boenisch. All rights reserved. COPYRIGHT --------- The program MBLister and its documentation are written and copyrighted by Jens Boenisch. They may be distributed freely providing the following restrictions are satisfied: o Distributors may not charge more than the cost of a diskette used in the distribution of this program. o Distributors may only distribute the unmodified copy of the original program, along with it's documentation, and copyright notices intact. o Commercial distribution is only possible with written permission from the author. DISCLAIMER ---------- This program and its documentation is provided "as is". No warranties are made with respect to the accuracy, reliability, performance or operation of this software and information. You are using this program at your own risk. The author is not liable for any damages that may have been caused by using this software. INTRODUCTION ------------ MBLister creates filelists for CNet V3.0+. It has been written in C and Assembly for maximum speed and has been carefully testet for several weeks to insure proper operation. REQUIREMENTS ------------ This program runs on any Amiga with OS 2.04 or higher. It needs CNet V3.0+ running to create the filelist. USER MANUAL ----------- MBLister must be run from the CLI/Shell and has the following command line template: MBLister ACCESS/K/N, FLAGS/K/N, COMPUTER/K/N, DAYS/K/N, TOPDL/K/N, BYID/K/N, FILE/K, BUFFERSIZE/K/N, HEADER/K, FOOTER/K, SHOWPATH/S, SHOWFLAGS/S, SORTDATE/S, SORTNAME/S, SORTSIZE/S, REVERSE/S, INVITATION/S, PRIVATE/S, UNVALIDATED/S, OFFLINE/S, SHOWALL/S The options are: ACCESS: Accessgroup to create the filelist for (Defaults to 0) FLAGS: BITSET of flags a subboards must match to be included in the list (Ommit to disable checking of Accessflags) COMPUTER: The same as FLAGS for computertypes (Ommit to disable checking) DAYS: Number of days to create the filelist for, ommit if you want all files TOPDL: Number of topfiles to display per subboard BYID: Display files uploaded by the User with this ID FILE: Write filelist to the named file instead of stdout BUFFERSIZE: Size (in KB) of the buffer to use for file-I/O (defaults to 100kB) HEADER: File to include as header for the list FOOTER: File to include as footer for the list SHOWPATH: Show the complete path to the subboard and not only the subboardtitle SHOWFLAGS: Show flags as unvalidated, free download, etc. SORTDATE: Sort files by date, oldest to newest (DEFAULT) SORTNAME: Sort files alphabetically by name SORTSIZE: Sort files by size, biggest to smallest REVERSE: revert the previous specified sort (newest to oldest, etc.) INVITATION: Include also "invitation only"-subboards PRIVATE: Show private Items & Subboards with "force private"-flag set UNVALIDATED: Show also unvalidated files & files which failed the CRC-check OFFLINE: Show also offline files SHOWALL: Show ALL files, don't check anything of the above LAST WORDS ---------- I hope you find this utility useful. If you have any questions, ideas (for this program or new ones), comments, bug reports, etc. please email them to the addresses below. Thanks for using this program! UseNet: FidoNet: Jens Boenisch@2:246/1115 (The Abyss - ++49-(0)711-617291)
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