short : Time bank, also with exchange of credits author : Fate/Logic ( uploader : Fate/Logic (fxmts205 uni-frankfurt de) type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 10.16K Date : 14-Dec-95 Download : 💾
[This is one of my older utils, just put on AmiNet for completition.] I was asked to make a Program in which Users could save their Time into a sort of Bank. When they would need Time in the Future, e.g. to completely download a File, they just got it from the TimeBank. I was also asked to make a Program in which Users who needed just few KBytes to download Program could spend some Online Time for the missing Credits. Or some of his File Credits. FateBank combines this all into one Program. It handles the User's Time left, Time saved on FateBank's Account, the User's File and the User's Byte Credits. In fact FateBank allows you to: - store Time on your Account - withdraw Time from your Account - convert Time to File or Byte Credits - convert File or Byte Credits to Time - convert Byte to File Credits - convert File to Byte Credits + Multi-Purpose Utility + Exchange Ratios are configurable - without Configfile + Does not use any Datafile but stores Data in User Structure + While using FateBank the User's Timer is disabled + Cursor-Movement Routines + Backdoors :) + Easy to use v1.0 24.7.94 First Public Release Written by Fate/Logic CNet Innovation.
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