short : BattleLands C-Net Amiga P-File author : & Stu2 uploader : disker nospam midsouth rr com (Remove "nospam " to contact) type : comm/cnet version : 0.5.7 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 108.35K Date : 13-Jul-03 Download : 💾
----------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the newest addition to the BattleLands saga! With permission from Stu2, I have taken over the development of the BattleLands game. This is a DIRECT replacement for the current LANDS051C that is on Aminet. Since Stu2 no longer has any of the source material, I was unable to obtain the registered (completed?) version 2.0 to work from. If anyone has a copy of 2.0, please contact me using the following E-mail address so that I can use it as a guideline on where to take this adventure to: (remove 'nospam.' to contact me.) Well, I'm sure you want to know exactly what has been done to warrent the download of this version? Well, MANY changes have been made - some cosmetic, most in the programming itself. The routines where speed was not an issue have been moved to external files. Where speed is an issue, I have optomized the code extensively. Other routines have been combined, and some new routines added. There is one new map, 3 new items, one new playable character class, and plans of MUCH more to be added! If you want the details, read the changes file! If not, then start playing! I am open to any suggestions or bug reports about the game - just send them to the E-mail address above. Here is hopeing that you will like the new version and that you request more! The more that is requested, the more willing to complete the game I will be! :) Kevin Dunn Disk Handler SSBBS Software Telnet://
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