short : EDPArexx.lha Small arexx programs/commands to enhance CNET3.05-> author : Edward D. Peyton uploader : edp pen net type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 4.95K Date : 19-Jan-97 Download : 💾
This is a collection of small Arexx programs that enhance my bbs, and make things easier for me. No need for separate doc files for each one, as there are comments in each program. Just check each rexx program for comments, and/or configuration options. These are all tested and working fine on my bbs, which is running CNET 3.05f. If you noticed any problems with these running on later versions of CNET, PLEASE let me know, so I can fix them. As far as I know, they all should be compatible. Questions, or comments invited! I read the CNET FIDO area, and am reachable in a variety of ways. Edward D. Peyton Atlantis BBS: (904) 479-3133 | 479-4080 WebSite: email : Edward Peyton@1:3612/369.0 snailmail: 5100 N 9th Ave F-601 Pensacola, FL 32504
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