short : A Word Search Game for CNet Amiga 3/4! author : (david weeks) uploader : dotoran bluemoon net (david weeks) type : comm/cnet version : 2.01 requires : AmigaOS 2/3.x, CNet Amiga, v3.05c/v4.38+ architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : anywhere, everywhere, please mirror! replace : aminet/comm/cnet/cnet_searcher.lha Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 38.76K Date : 4-Jan-98 Download : 💾
v2.01 of my Word Searcher. This program comes with 56 lists of words the user can choose from. They can then choose a grid size from 14x14 to 18x35 to hide the words in. They can even specify which directions could be used to hide the words(so if you hate the diagonals, for instance, you can turn them off). Armed with this info, the file flies through hiding the words, then presents the users with a neat ANSI screen. Using ansi cursor keys and the numeric keypad, the user moves around the grid finding the words. If they're having trouble, they can opt to get 1 of four types of HINTS. The game can tell them the next UNFOUND word, it can highlight all occurrances of a specific letter, it can list ALL the words which could have been hidden, with those found and those skipped color coded, or it can actually show you an Answer Grid! If the user stays with it and completes the entire game, they'll be added to the CHAMPS file for that puzzle. 15 entries exist in each Champs file, which lists the user's handle, the puzzle's dimensions, how many directions could have been used to hide the words, as well as how LONG it took them to complete the puzzle, in hours, minutes, and seconds! (If the Answers Hint is used, you won't be eligible for a High Score!) There are even commands to let you create your OWN puzzle word lists, or to take an existing list and create a FILE for DOWNLOAD of a Puzzle, with Word List and accompanying Answer Grid! Instructions on how to add puzzles of your OWN are also included! -- Written by Dotoran of Frontiers --
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