short : Chat Pager Using RexxReqTools Requestors author : (david weeks) uploader : dotoran bluemoon net (david weeks) type : comm/cnet version : 5.20 requires : AmigaOS 2/3.x, CNet, v3.05c or v4.45+ Only! architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : anywhere, everywhere, please mirror! replace : aminet/comm/cnet/cnet_pager.lha Filetype : application/x-lha Size : 222.99K Date : 17-Mar-98 Download : 💾
v5.20 updated the getusers which changed in the 4.4x series. v5.13 updated the getusers which changed in the 4.26dR2 version, as well as using a new hybrid ARexx SendOLM routine, which includes the new Time Stamping used by CNet Amiga, v4.26e! v5.12 updated the getusers which changed in the 4.26a version, as well as fixing two 3.05 getusers. The SendOLM routine was also fixed to rid that "cnet version string" spillover. v5.11 fixed a bug that suppressed the requestor display. Also added in CNet Amiga, v3.05c compatibility! v5.10 written to work under CNet Amiga, v4.25+ A NEW Chat command written specifically for CNet Amiga, v4.22. It will perform the same function as CNet's built-in chat function, however also gives the SysOp MANY, MANY more functions they can perform! Version 5.00 allows for Multiple SysOps, so after the Pager has been set up, the user will be asked WHICH SysOp they wish to Page. After the reason has been entered, a requestor will pop up on the FRONT MOST screen shortly after the specified SOUND file has been played, and the specified SPEECH has been orated. This requestor tells you which port requested the chat, the date and time the chat request was made, any SysOp Comment on file, the handle and real name of the user, and the reason why they wish to chat. There is also the option to have CNet use the CC command to send a "Chat Request OLM" if a SysOp happens to be somewhere online, instead of being disturbed by an annoying requestor. This will ONLY be done if the requesting user has ACCESS to use the CC command. If they do NOT have access to use CC, then a regular page will be attempted. If you are NOT available, Pager will display your custom "SysOp OUT" reason for that HOUR of that DAY. All 24 hours of all 7 days can receive a unique "SysOp OUT" reason. (Using MCI Commands, you could even have the reason display a TEXT file if you feel a more lengthy reason is needed at times.) On the Chat Page Requestor are eight buttons, described below: "Chat" - [ Uses "C" as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~ - Will alert the user you are coming to chat with them by sending them a "System OLM Message". (These messages interrupt into whatever the user is currently doing, provided their current activity isn't set to block these OLM's). System OLM Messages can NOT be responded to. "OLM" - [ Uses "O" as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~ - Allows you to send a customized System OLM to the user, instead of actually having to chat with them. After selecting this button, you'll be given another requestor with three buttons: (Use the RAMIGA key in conjunction with the alternative key to activate these buttons). "Send" - [ Use RAMIGA - S as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~ - The text entered in the string gadget will be sent to the user as a System OLM Message. Normally, you'd simply press RETURN to send the text, but you CAN press SEND instead. - Pressing RETURN with NO text in the string gadget will activate the IGNORE button, which functions the EXACT same way as the main IGNORE button, described below. "Cancel" - [ Use RAMIGA - C as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~~~ - This will abort the sending of the OLM Message, and return you to the main Pager Requestor, allowing you to make a different choice on what you'd like to do for/to the user. "Ignore" - [ Uses RAMIGA - I as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~~~ - Acts the same as the IGNORE button described below. - This button will also be activated if you press RETURN with NO text in the string gadget! - While you're sitting in the String Gadget, you can activate any of the buttons by pressing RAMIGA-Hot Key, as defined above. "FSend" - [Uses "F" as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~~ - Will give you a file requestor you can use to ADD files to the user's Select Buffer. - Use the MOUSE to select multiple files by holding down the SHIFT key, then selecting those files you wish to add. - Use the Up and Down arrows with RETURN if you'll only be adding ONE file, as an alternative to using the mouse. - Click the "Done" button(or press RAMIGA-D) to complete the procedure. - As many of the files will be added to the user's Select Buffer as are possible. This means if you have it set in your CNET CONFIG that users can only select 10 files at a time, and you specify you wish to add 20 files to the user's Select Buffer, only the first 10 files would be added(provided the user's Select Buffer was EMPTY to start with). If this should ever occur, the OLM that is sent to the user will let them know what has occurred. - The user will be charged for the download, based on your setting in the Pager CONFIG file. Certain config settings may also provide you with additional requestors allowing you to select specific costs for each individual file. - The file will be killed after the download, also based on your setting in the Pager CONFIG file. Again, additional requestors MAY be provided for you to select specific kill settings for each file IF you have it set that way in the config file. "Terminate" - [ Uses "T" as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~~~~~~ - Will immediately drop that user's time remaining to 0, then drop carrier. (For those users who continually hound you to Chat!) - This will happen for ANY user, INCLUDING those with INFINITE time, and INCLUDING those with "System Operator" status! - A System OLM message will be sent to the user, with a slight pause after sending it, so that the user will be sure to SEE it before the program terminates their connection. "Gone In 5" - [ Uses "G" as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~~~~~~ - Similar to the above, but will allow the user 5 minutes to finish up anything they may have been doing(Posting, Responding, etc.) - This will happen for ANY user, INCLUDING those with INFINITE time, and INCLUDING those with "System Operator" status! "Unavailable" - [ Uses "U" as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~~~~~~~~ - Will inform the user you are no longer available to chat, and will additionally disable the "Sysop is in" checkmark for that port. More information on this below. "Busy" - [ Uses "B" as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~ - Similar to the above, but will simply tell the user you are too BUSY to chat, while still maintaining your "Sysop is in" status. "Ignore" - [ Uses RETURN as an alternative to the mouse! ] ~~~~~~ - Will deactivate the requestor, WITHOUT alerting the user you are doing so. (If you simply do NOT want to be bothered). Whenever any of the above buttons has been pressed, the requestor will be removed from the screen, and the appropriate action(s) will be performed, as well as the "Reason" for chatting being removed from CNet memory, which means it should stop flashing in the Control Panel window. The user is "told" of the action you've taken in the form of a colorized System OLM that will be sent. When the "Ignore" option is used, NO OLM's are sent to the user. When the "OLM" button is used, the default bbstext colors will be used when sending the olm message. -- Written by Dotoran of Frontiers --
PERMSSN UID GID SIZE RATIO STAMP NAME ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- [generic] 7836 48.3% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Boing.snd [generic] 4674 70.6% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Click.snd [generic] 920 89.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Drop.snd [generic] 1750 92.6% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Droplet.snd [generic] 3810 81.1% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Magic.snd [generic] 3590 83.5% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Metal.snd [generic] 2210 72.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Monkey.snd [generic] 418 100.0% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Pop.snd [generic] 386 100.0% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Pop_II.snd [generic] 2072 90.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Quack.snd [generic] 3342 97.4% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Smack.snd [generic] 2046 92.2% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Sosumi.snd [generic] 66260 34.3% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/! [generic] 175 9.1% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/Availabilities [generic] 34 100.0% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/Out.Def [generic] 24 41.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/Out.Fri [generic] 24 41.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/Out.Mon [generic] 2374 90.1% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Whip.snd [generic] 1572 98.1% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/sounds/Wild_Eep.snd [generic] 1249 41.8% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/!Read_Me_First! [generic] 24 41.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/Out.Sat [generic] 24 41.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/Out.Sun [generic] 24 41.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/Out.Thu [generic] 24 41.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/Out.Tue [generic] 24 41.7% Mar 10 1997 doors/pager/Out.Wed [generic] 7327 40.7% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/Pager [generic] 1042 52.3% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/PagerAMaint [generic] 11358 37.6% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/PagerChat [generic] 207 76.8% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/File_ID.Diz [generic] 271 70.1% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/PagerCleanUp [generic] 24357 27.4% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/PagerConfig [generic] 339 68.1% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/PagerConfigF [generic] 51 100.0% May 5 1997 doors/pager/ [generic] 46 100.0% May 5 1997 doors/pager/PagerKILL.scx [generic] 7743 37.0% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/PagerMaint [generic] 27237 38.4% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/! [generic] 7387 37.5% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/PagerSysAvail [generic] 2312 49.0% Mar 15 1998 doors/pager/PagerUpdate [generic] 58328 52.5% Mar 10 1997 workbench/c/Scripit [generic] 11228 52.0% Mar 10 1997 workbench/c/Sound [generic] 38684 55.5% Mar 10 1997 workbench/c/Xit [generic] 69 100.0% Mar 10 1997 workbench/devs/dosdrivers/SPEAK [generic] 481 54.7% Mar 10 1997 workbench/devs/dosdrivers/ [generic] 94 89.4% Mar 10 1997 workbench/devs/mountlist [generic] 65760 51.5% Mar 10 1997 workbench/devs/narrator.device [generic] 4188 53.6% Mar 10 1997 workbench/l/speak-handler [generic] 43628 65.4% Mar 10 1997 workbench/libs/reqtools.library [generic] 11664 56.0% Mar 10 1997 workbench/libs/rexxreqtools.library [generic] 1031 45.4% Mar 15 1998 !Frontiers [generic] 1249 41.8% Mar 15 1998 !Read_Me_First! [generic] 207 76.8% Mar 15 1998 File_ID.Diz [generic] 2312 49.0% Mar 15 1998 PagerUpdate [generic] 10524 54.3% Mar 10 1997 workbench/libs/translator.library [generic] 6220 54.5% Mar 10 1997 workbench/utilities/Say [generic] 486 55.6% Mar 10 1997 workbench/utilities/ ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- Total 55 files 450716 50.1% Mar 17 1998
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