short : CNet Amiga BackUp/LHA Packer Utility! author : (david weeks) uploader : dotoran bluemoon net (david weeks) type : comm/cnet version : 3.51 requires : AmigaOS 2/3.x, CNet Amiga, v3.05c/4.26b+ architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : anywhere, everywhere, please mirror! replace : aminet/comm/cnet/cnet_backup.lha Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 38.41K Date : 7-Apr-97 Download : 💾
-- v3.51 -- - Released: April 6, 1997! - Bug Fixes: - Star Gazer was telling me he thought the file was turning the More Prompt OFF, but forgetting to turn it back on. Upon checking into this, I noted that if an error occurred in the CNB program, or if you opted to use the Create Archive command, this WAS the case. I made these areas also re-enable the More prompt. I then noted that the AMaint file was doing the same thing, which normally would NOT have posed a problem, however if a user used the CNBA command, THEY would lose their More prompt as well. The AMaint file now reenables the More? Prompt as well. - Changes/Additions: - An idea that occurred to me 2 days AFTER releasing the 3.50 version was to create a .BAK BackUp Set. I refer to this as a CLONE BackUp, where instead of the file creating an LHA archive of the files in the given BackUp Set, it simply CLONED them in the SAME paths, but using a ".bak" extension. You can now create a BAK setup, where any FILES or PATHS can be listed. Numerous internal changes had to be made to both files: - When ADDING the BAK set, you'll be allowed to enter the text description and the interval days, while all other fields are automatically filled in with "moot" values. - By default, hitting ENTER in the Extension field while empty used BAK as the extension. This was changed to CNB instead. - When EDITING the BAK set, you'll ONLY be able to EDIT the text description, interval days, and last backup date. - While modifying the FileList for a BAK set, you'll NOT be allowed to enter a filename ENDING in ".bak", nor will you be able to EDIT or CLONE an existing file, so it ENDS in ".bak". - When a CLONE (BAK) BackUp is performed, files in your FileList are COPIED using the ADos COPY command, with the COM parameter. This ensures that the COMMENT is ALSO copied to the backup file. By default, the file's PROTECTION ATTRIBUTES are copied to the BAK file. The TimeStamp will reflect the DATE/TIME the .BAK file was created. Any EXISTING .BAK file that MAY exist is OVERWRITTEN by the NEW, regardless of it's timestamp. - No LOGS are created during the processing of a BAK set, however if MISSING files are found, AMaint will still send a MAIL message to SysOp ID # 1. -- v3.50 -- - Released: March 9, 1997! - Bug Fixes: - None. (Were there any?!?) - Changes/Additions: - You can now specify complete PATHS in your backup sets. For example, you could specify "systext:" and have ALL files located within the systext directory backed up. - Numerous additional options added to each backup set: - Ability to set the PRIORITY to which LHA packs and tests it's archives. (From -5 which uses very few system resources, but at the cost of extra time being needed, to 5, which basically takes over your system and results in the fastest creation) - Ability to ONLY have the EMail messages sent to you if the created archive contained integrity errors, or to receive the mail whenever a backup is performed. - Ability to use a "FAST" display mode, which makes LHA perform a bit faster all around. - Ability to NOT compress files initially. An archive containing all listed files is created by simply storing the files in the archive with NO compression. When the archive is created, the archive itself is then packed. In certain circumstances, this results in archives 20-30% smaller than those that are packed initially from the start. - Archive Test Integrity has been expanded to give the file the ability of KNOWING when an archive fails an integrity test. It can then take further precautions in these instances. - A "clone" command has been added to the List-Add routines, so that if you enter a LONG path, then have another file that is very close to the first path, you can simply delete a few characters and create the next item in your list. - (I believe this one is old, but don't see it listed here). You can now create an LHA archive directly, without having to create a BackUp set first. In this instance, it is thought you will want to additionally send this archive to a user on your bbs, so once the archive is created, you'll be asked for an Account ID # to which a piece of file-attach email will be sent to the user with the created archive attached. - Changes made to this feature include: - The default filename presented is MMDDHHMM time stamp, using 8 characters, to be compatible on IBM systems. - If an ID number is specified, the created archive will be copied to that user's mailbox before the mail is created. This allows you to use the CNB to create other archives, without losing the first archive before the user can down- load it. -- v3.01 -- - This version released February 10, 1997! - Bug Fixes: - There was a bug in the AMAINT module that resulted in only the first backup list to be backed up, even if other lists were present. (Had a variable conflict in there) - Changes: - Added the newer version headers and footers to both the CNetBackUp and the CNetBackUpA files. Now uses smart version variables and the parse source method of smart home path seeking. -- Written by Dotoran of Frontiers --
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