short : CDAxe v2.02 - CDRom/Aminet/Direct interface for CNet Amiga. author : Ray Akey ( uploader : rakey netrover com type : comm/cnet replaces : cdaxe201.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 39.75K Date : 8-Feb-96 Download : 💾
Bugs/problems: CDAxe v2.02 -=-=-=-=-=-=- Coded by Ray Akey (aka Heavy Metal) of Metal Software Using the SAS/C Development System v6.56 NOTE: Although this software is not crippled, it is SHAREWARE! If you use it for more than one week, you must REGISTER it! Registration is only $20.00 U.S. or $25.00 Canadian. SUPPORT AMIGA DEVELOPERS! What is it? =========== CDAxe is a very powerful directory/device util for CNet Amiga v3.05c. Although CDAxe is specifically designed to provide your users with a very easy way to traverse the many directories that exist on most CD-ROMs, it has applications in other areas as well. Since, as is standard with MetalSoft programs, CDAxe is so configurable, YOU decide what path it will use as it's "startup directory". Features: ========= NEW Features! ============= - **New security features** that let you define access groups and file base flags that users must have to see a device/volume. If the user doesn't have the proper access, the device/disk name won't even be SHOWN to him/her! - Alternate file descriptions for non-writable media can now be stored in a hard disk file (Ever want to change/add a filenote on a CDRom file?!?). - Bug fixed (hopefully!) that caused CDAxe and FPAV to not live in harmony. (during archive "viewing") Older features ============== - multiple CD/volume support with "Volumes Available To Users" screen. - selections are now visibly marked with a "+" - "x of x selected" so user knows how many selections remain in select list - Sysop definable number of buffered directories. - Parent function will not recede further back than the "startup directory" unless the user has SYSOP MAINT. - Remembers the last position of the file/directory selector on buffered directories so user does not lose his/her place when traversing through directories. - Configuration via CNet Visual Data Editor (VDE) - Configurable access groups allowed to enter/use. - Configurable access flags allowed to enter/use. - Configurable minimum and maximum age allowed to enter/use. - configurable gender allowed to enter/use. - configurable file/byte percent charges (100% = charge byte per byte/file per file). - show or hide .info files. - show or hide .readme files. - choice to display DIRECTORY descriptions. - read *.txt, *.doc, *.nfo, files.bbs, index files while in the CDAxe interface. - CNet CDRom temp path supported. - capable of emulating "no maint" operation for sysop testing of how CDAxe will act when a non-sysop uses it. - CD "[N]ew directory" command to change directories internally as a SYSOP feature, available only to maint users. - COPY command to copy the currently highlighted file to another location. This is a feature requiring sysop maint. - MOVE command to move the currently highlighted file to another location. This is a feature requiring sysop maint. - MAKEDIR command to create a new directory. (requires SYSOP MAINT) - DELETE command to remove files from the current directory. (requires SYSOP MAINT) - when the ENTER key is used to read, select or examine a file, CDAxe performs actions based on file type. - filetypes other than than CDAxe defined ASCII text are viewed using your configured CNet ARCHIVERs. Currently, the following types/extensions are recognized as readable ASCII text and are displayed as such: *.doc *.nfo *.txt *.wri *.readme files.bbs index readme - Edit/Add filenotes - Supports description grabbing from .readmes and the ever-popular FILES.BBS and FILES.TXT. - Auto-selection/marking of .readme's.
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