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Version 1.0 Type: comm/cnet Distribution: anywhere, everywhere, please mirror! What is it? ----------- BurmaQuote V1.0 [28-AUG-1998] PostCard Ware. From 1927 till 1963 Burma Shave was well know for it's roadside signs. Unlike todays bilboards, BS signs were not all on one board. They were on several spaced about a half mile or so apart. Each sign was a small part of a larger whole advertisment broken into sections. Many people today beleive that the downfall of Burma Shave was due in large part to the changing driving habbits of Amircans and the advent of the super highway system that replaced the old two lane roads. I have collect as many of these old signs as I could find and built a simple quote door around them so that many older user might relive those bygone days and that those not that old might enjoy the funny sayings. Read History.Doc for past version notes.
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