short : Monitor all User & System Activity! author : (Josef Faulkner) uploader : panther gate net (Josef Faulkner) type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 13.78K Date : 6-Apr-95 Download : 💾
C-Net BBS Monitor Allows a user to monitor all important user activities on the BBS as they happen. Such things as Where, Time Online, Time Left, Olm Waiting, Who Hiding Muffling & Chatting, and last command are monitored, and updated quickly by only modifiying on-screen text that represents data that has changed. Here is a sample Ascii-Only screen grab: BBSMonitor v1.0a Help About Restart CmdShell ViewOLM SendOLM Quit + - Scroll 0*Handle Where H*U M*U CU Logon Idle Left Baud Cmd 0-Panther BBS Monitor --- --- -- 6.4 0 UNLIM 57600 BBS M 1 Idle 2-Sysop Conference --- --- -- 5.9 0.5 UNLIM 14400 j 3-Guest Conference --- --- -- 5.5 0 15.2 14400 j 4 Idle 5-Blah Main --- --- -- 4.3 1.2 25.7 2400 et 6 Idle 7 Idle 8 Idle 9 Idle TotalPfiles: 3 Total Calls: 69282 Olm Waiting: No New Users : 5 Time Left : UNLIM Time Online: 6.4 Time Today : 6.4 Time In Mon: 3.2 CurrentTime: Fri 31-Mar-1995 6:52p Last Logoff: Kibo Features: - Supports up to 17 ports on a 24-line screen (more if you set your ET higher) - Will allow user to scroll through the list up and down - Expand and Shrink monitor window - Send & Receive OLM's while in the monitor as well as execute bbs commands - Monitors 18 aspects of each user online - Monitors 10 aspects of your current status - Warns you if you are low on time (less than 10 minutes) - Status information for other users color coded for easy recognition for example, Time Left is green when >30 mins, yellow when 30-10 mins, and red when less than 10 minutes. - Optimized for speed, and will not take over the processor - Includes a standard "WH" type program along with the monitor for users that want just to list the information without entering the monitor - Fully 100% safe (will not crash your bbs) - Author is available on the internet directly, for quick question answers and support. If you have any suggestions for C-Net utilities, mail me, and will see what I can do
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