short : Auto Message for Cnet, v4.24f & beyond! author : (david weeks) uploader : dotoran bluemoon net (david weeks) type : comm/cnet version : 3.01 requires : AmigaOS 2/3.x, CNet Amiga, v4.24g+ architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : anywhere, everywhere, please mirror! Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 7.06K Date : 25-Jan-97 Download : 💾
=== v3.01 === - Simply updated to work under CNet Amiga, v4.24g! === v3.00 === - Updated to work under CNet Amiga, v4.24f! - NOTE: This version will NOT work on earlier 4.24 releases, because of the fact the LOADEDITOR command is used so much! - The definable variables are now stored in a separate file, which is editable from within the file itself by User ID # 1, provided the HANDLE used matches the one located in CNet's Config. - All files now reside in their own directory, instead of having some files in one location and others in another location. - Program launches now use an argument to determine HOW the file was loaded(from bbsmenu, sys.welcome, or sys.end), instead of trying to fathom a number of minutes online, or which command was last used. What is AutoMessage? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Auto Message, v3.00, is a program that will allow your users to create a short message that will be displayed to the next user who logs onto your bbs. In addition, a file can also be created for automatic display when the next user logs off of your bbs. Within the file itself, the user can view, create, or edit either of the two messages. The SysOp has the ability to set certain variables which will affect the way Auto Message functions on their bbs. ============================================================================ Visit Dotoran's CNet Amiga Web Page - ============================================================================ -- Written by Dotoran of Frontiers --
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