short : Xtract "short:" from .readmes and .ads files (update) author : Ray Akey uploader : rakey netcore ca type : comm/cnet replaces : adsextract_*.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 19.03K Date : 23-Oct-95 Download : 💾
AdsExtract is a program that will scan pre-configured directories for files matching a user-specified pattern and when found, will extract the "short" description from those files and place them, plus the matching filename to which they belong, in a user-specified "files.bbs" file. AdsExtract was designed for CNet sysops who download aminet files, or recieve fidonet *.ads files with the Amiga Distribution System files. It provides an easy method of adding the short descriptions without worrying about missing .tic files or things of that nature. Also, AdsExtract, via a command line argument, will delete the current AmigaDOS filenote from the files which have a matching .readme (or whatever the file is that contains the short: description. Full documentation included. - This archive may be added, in unaltered form, to Disk/CDRom and other media distribution or collections.
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