short : ZoolDIZ II, The best describer ever made (v2.66) author : Lauri Ahonen ( uploader : Lauri Ahonen (lauri ahonen pp inet fi) type : comm/cnet version : 2.66 replaces : comm/cnet/ZoolDIZII.lha requires : CNet BBS Software architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 927.04K Date : 2-Jan-99 Download : 💾
ZoolDIZ II is a feature packed describer (advanced "dizzer") to CNet BBS software. Here's a incomplete featurelist: - Full 3l173 (ELITE ;)) capability if necessary... * SentBy line with color values! * upto 100 lines in description - Q-Dizolve Compability * >8 line descs will be stored at the same directory * Possible signatures will be automatically converted to ZoolDIZ-Form! - Compact mode * Forces you to select lines to be used from description - Automatic Mode * If ZoolDIZ founds or creates a description, it's possible to fill out the description without even one keypress! - The best ModuleHandling routine ever seen / made * Works with both unpacked as well as packed modules - Archived ones: LHA/LZX/ZIP - XPK and PowerPacker packed * Supports various formats: - ProTracker modules (And compatibles) - MultiChannel modules: S3M/XM/MTM/68Channel - PlaySID modules - 100% full support to mp1, mp2 & mp3 files! * No more fuzzed up mpeg audio areas! All files will be in clean order and have standard MPEG-AUDIO-TAG attached to them! - Full support to PowerPacker & XPK packed files * Every format can be packed with XPK or PowerPacker (Should be avoided) - Even a XPK packed LHA archive with a module inside would work! - Extremely handy to have around if you need to adopt your own modules - Handles JPG/GIF/IFF pictures easily * Creates description in: 320x256x24 form - Has got Three (3) different editors to maximize easy usage: * Normal Editor, Module Description editor & Picture Desc. editor - Does not require FILE.ID.DIZ type description * ZoolDIZ is capable to extract descriptions out from AMiNET-Files [@{"SCREENSHOT " system "VT HI LA screenshots/ZoolDIZ_aminet.IFF"}] - Perfect for CD-ROMS - Ideal for Aminet exports - Will scan the archive itself for the readme as well as the external one! * Various internal scans for Modules / Textfiles! - Full Aminetheader capabitilities * "ZoolDIZ.AMiNETHEADERS" contains various headers which will be added to a file which had a aminet-description - You can use the sample ones or add your own! * Isn't necessary, so it can be turned off too - Does not allow MCI bombs... * It will not bypass any MCI command characters - Works 100% with multinode systems... * Every port has got it's own directory that will be deleted after use! - ZoolDIZ will allow packed TEXT-Files in LHA/LZX archives (if the archive is less than 25kb) * The biggest file will be handled just like unpacked file - There's possibility to strip all unwanted lines from description * External file called ZoolDIZ.STRIP will be used - Visual type Configuration editor to make configfile creation or editing a piece of cake! * Just like CNets own editors (Edit Account etc.) - Full Virus Scanning option (Uses Virus Checker or VirusZ II) * All unpacked files & LHA/LZX packed files will be checked, WHEN the uploader logs off... this way we and the user will save online time * The VirusScanner is a normal ARexx-script, so you can add it to the maintenance if you like Install this now, you won't regret it. History: ======== Version : 0.998b, 13.10.94: First public release Undocumented 0.998b-1.25a (Lot'sa bugfixes! thats for sure!) Version : 1.25a, 20.12.94: Added VirusChecking in LHA archives & Bugfixes. Version : 1.30a, 28.12.94: Added nice DizLineCutter(R) & done some Bugfixes. Version : 1.35a, 31.12.94: Added support for ProTracker modules & Bugfixes. Version : 1.50a, 3.01.95: Added Visual/Line-editor support & again BugFixes. Visual editor did work only with the first file! Second public release! Version : 1.55b, 10.01.95: Done again some serious BugFixes (Back to beta :() Removed VirusChecking... Version : 1.65b, 20.01.95: BugFixes. Completely (100%) ReWritten from 1.65b version......... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Version : 1.80b, 22.01.95: 100% ReWritten, begun to add comments, bugs gone? Version : 1.82b, 26.01.95: ^^ Bugs Gone.. hah, hah, hah, hah & haaa, Bugfixs. Version : 1.85b, 28.01.95: Bugfixs Version : 1.87b, 06.02.95: Bugfixs, added muffle and Offline file checking, DizLineCutter(R) did fuck up, tried to fix, but not sure that it's 100% fixed. Version : 1.88b, 07.02.95: Bugfixs, some modifications in interface & Otherz Version : 1.89b, 08.02.95: Bugfixs, some modifications in interface & Otherz fuck, I'm lame!!... more stupid bugs found, ARGH! Version : 1.90b, 20.02.95: more!, More!, MOre!, MORe!, MORE! bugs found, fix- xed, like that fucking MUFFLE!, also fixed picture desc problem, almost nobody noticed, strange?? Version : 1.91b, 21.02.95: Little LZX support added (1st in the whole world?) Version : 1.93b, 22.02.95: Visual editor finally WORKS 100%?!, yeah!, bugfixs Version : 1.94b, 25.02.95: Bugfixs, fixed everything, like the muffle problem Version : 1.95b, 27.02.95: bugfixs Version : 1.97b, 31.03.95: Bugfixs, added support to Compiled PlaySID modules Version : 1.98b, 31.03.95: New External filesystem done.... much better!... Version : 1.99a, 12.04.95: PLSID support improved, author handling better and stripped up description lines by removing stupid lines. I think that the beta stage is over by now! Version : 1.999c, 19.06.95: Unwanted DIZline stripping and NON automatic mode now available. (Even the ZUMBA can use this now :) Version : 1.999d, 22.06.95: Bugs left.. fixed the ones, I know.... This might be the last version before the great public ZoolDIZ II ! (Yeah, sure ;)!!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DAMN: Slipped to next digit... grr... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Version : 2.0c 05.08.95: Second beta of II!... NOW WITH VISUAL CFG ED!! Cleared Config file a bit... Version : 2.0d 06.08.95: Third beta of II. made a new PT-Mod Handling thing Scans samples etc... Possible bugs left, dunno.... Version : 2.0e 06.08.95: Arrgh. a fucking new beta. bugs left like I said! Bugs in StripLineCutter (R)?... checking it.. Version : 2.0f 08.09.95: Some clearing done. Should work better. The Strip- ping won't work. Don't waste your time. (Nobody uses it anyway.. who cares!).... also..I have been a complete idiot with ProTracker-handling routine! It was too fucking slow!... NOW ProTracker module- Scanning is 10* faster... Fixed problems with desc lines >44 chars... Whou... Why haven't I fixed it earlier *!?!?!* Version : 2.0g 14.09.95: Protracker module handling is now 100% done by me. no more stupid ModCHECK. Only ZoolDIZ. This even works better! Also added 6&8 channel module support Version : 2.0h 15.09.95: Modulehandling routine improved a lot... PLUS: IT IS NOW POSSIBLE TO SEARCH AUTHOR etc. from Pro- Tracker & 6/8-Channel mods in LHA & LZX archives!! Version : 2.0k 28.09.95: Found sum bugs in ProTracker routine, fixed... Will indentify more authors now! Config fixed also, and removed stupid conversion system! LHA/LZX scan for mods fixed... Version : 2.0m 30.09.95: All texts are now in external file, so you can mo- dify them on your own and add support to languages! Version : 2.0p 04.10.95: Support for SHORT: string in Aminet-Readme files! Version : 2.0q 09.10.95: Aminet SHORT: support improved a lot! Version : 2.0r 21.10.95: Done some bugfixes, added support for S3M mods, soon MTM & XM support will arrive too! Modhandling routine again improved a lot! (e.g. Chnl support) Version : 2.0s 25.10.95: Done some bugfixes, added support for MTM & XM!! bugfixes and modhandling routines improved a lot! Version : 2.0u 02.11.95: Modified multichannel operations.. added Double- scanner... now ZoolDIZ scans LHA/LZX archives for TXT/PLaySID modules too!! MCI killer stripping! Version : 2.0v 04.11.95: Bugfixs & Added external AMiNET-Description SCANS! Version : 2.0y 11.11.95: Bugfixs & InterFace changes.. (Editor, Line-Selec- tion, module-Editor etc.) Version : 2.0x 15.11.95: Bugfixs & Editor Interface changed a lot this time Also made a free hard/ram disk space scan when extracting modules! Version : 2.0x+ 19.11.95: Done some bugfixs... Version : 2.0z 25.11.95: Error handling better & bugfixs Version : 2.1z 01.12.95: Sorry for the next digit ;(... BugFixes & REAL Vi- rusChecking (It works in background, so you won't even notice it) Version : 2.1Pro 18.12.95: BugFixes.. added BBSdescription support!!! Whouu Why didn't I do this earlier [Thanks dMR!] Fixed AMiNET desc. system for unknown files.. Version : 2.11Pro 09.01.96: Added moduleauthor stripping & modified some stuff Testing and cleaning up, it seems that we are rea- dy for public, camoon guyz! Version : 2.15Pro 03.02.96: Bugfixs, improved modulename & author scanning! Started using keyfile! Version : 2.20Pro 10.02.96: Bugfixs & Added ZIP support in module extract!! Again improved moduledata extracting and added possibility to ignore modulesauthors groupnames. Cleaned up the system a bit. Version : 2.23Pro 13.02.96: Great bugfix version, finally fixed ADDIZ problem and there shouldn't be anymore errors! The priorities of scantypes has also been changed! Now it's "DIZ-MOD-DUBBEL-BBS", before this it was: DIZ-BBS-MOD-DUBBEL and that caused problems! Version : 2.25Pro 15.02.96: Added VirusChecking support for VirusZ II! Version : 2.30Pro 22.02.96: Made great Compact mode improvents, also fixed a bug in >8 diz mode, actually the Mci-File was created even when diz contained only 7 lines.. Thanks Grand Zumba!! Fixed moddesc lowercase opt. Finally made Visual ed support better.. hmm Version : 2.33Pro 01.03.96: rewritten VirusChecking system.. now it uses GUI! Fixed rest of the >8 bugs etc... Version : 2.37Pro 13.03.06: New PlaySID system [SID] Name.......(author) etc.. Version : 2.38Pro 14.04.96: Fixed sum shit.. New K-file system Version : 2.40Pro 30.06.96: Fixed some ZIP-errors, and problems with the Mod- unpackdir handling... shouldn't have so many er- rors anymore! Version : 2.45Pro 04.07.96: Fixed Compact Mode (bug), removed scanning of LHA/LZX archives without a suffix (.lha/.lzx) Version : 2.46Pro 20.01.97: Wow, there's been a while... changed some archive identification methods! Version : 2.47Pro 04.02.97: There was a bug which caused some errors when file- name was less than 4 characters long. (eg. C64) Jesus, that one must have been there for a while!! Version : 2.55Pro 07.02.97: Added full support for XPK & PowerPacked files. If some file is packed with either XPK or PP, it will be unpacked and processed like it was never packed (needed: c:xfdDecrunch, Libs: xfdmaster.library, Libs:xpkmaster.library & the XPK compressor libs!) [I think you'll never need this but if you do so, then it's kinda handy to have it around :)] Also fixed some sound-module name parser bugs. Tried to clean up the code a bit, but I think that I should reorganize this baby a bit. Gee, I found a bug which caused ZoolDIZ fail to recognize .LZH! For safety reasons, _no diz_ will be added to EXE files. Changed all external command paths. They will be located in PFiles:ZoolDIZ/External_Comma- nds/ path. No C: nor SYS:C will be used. Therefore "Give names to External MODs" gadget in ZoolCON is obsolete! Version : 2.57Pro 11.02.97: Fixed some problems with the XPK system. Now xpk CRYPTED files will be ignored. I wrote completely new installation system for ZoolDIZ. Run it! Version : 2.58Pro 14.02.97: Fixed some PowerPacker support bugs. Optimized & cleaned up the code a lot=>Numerous little chan- ges, additions and bugfixes! Version : 2.59Pro 23.02.97: Some little fixes, PT-Modules changed to new form: [MOD] Name.........(Author) Version : 2.60Pro 06.03.97: Enchaced the Module-Authorname scanner a bit, Chanced [SID] to [PSID] & [MOD] to [PTMD] Version : 2.61Pro 25.03.97: Some internal changes, made a aminet-header/ footer system. Finally fixed that MORE?-prompt! Version : 2.62Pro 16.05.97: Came across with a stupid missing ')' char bug. Could cause errors in modulescan. Fixed. Version : 2.65Pro 01.12.97: Haa, delays do rule :).. anyway I downloaded this mp3info program and decided to add Mp1-3 support to ZoolDIZ. It took 2 hours, but I think is cer- tainly is worth it. And I changed the [PSID] & [PTMD] tags back to [SID] & [MOD]. I tested only mp2 & mp3. The mp support is a complete addition with possibilities to edit & modify & save the new author/song/album/year datas. BTW: The mp3info program needs ixemul.library! Now I just need to add MED support. Version : 2.66Pro 03.12.97: Made a simple ARJ support. Only plain File_id.diz. ZoolDIZ mainfile exceeds 100kb :)
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