short : Wall Street Blues, stock market game v2.0 author : Charles VanTuyl uploader : johnw kvnet org (John Wells) type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 29.50K Date : 2-Jan-96 Download : 💾
4 December 1994: v2.0 Well, finally an update! What to improve on this fine game? Well, I started by expanding the company biographies (Renamed to Company Prospectus). Seems you always have one of these before you get into any investing anyway. It now gives you a history of the stocks performance and an average gain percentage. Any of your users try to keep this on paper? I also added the menu items for the screens you see when you first get into the game. Seems I was always getting out of the game and going back in to see them again. I added the Dow Jones index and the Dow Jones percentage of gain. This works like a users account owning 1 share of each stock. When splits occur then it adds a share so the index keeps rising. When a stock goes bankrupt then it resets the shares in the Dow Jones to 1. I haven't heard from anybody on suggestions for changes so the resulting product is from my own imagination from the basic game. I do appreciate the few people who have called to inform me of the bugs they found. It helps alot in getting out a quality game. That's it! This Pfile is from The Gold City User's Group BBS (502)942-3660 Located on Ft. Knox, Kentucky Programming by Charles A. Van Tuyl AUGNet node 222:5000/2 C-Link! node 911:6300/4 Plenty of free Cnet Pfiles and Utilities Online!
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