short : UUBoing 1.13 (07-Jul-96) - CNet Amiga 4.13+ UUCP Mail Bouncer author : (Bob Maple) uploader : thknight netrover com (Todd H Knight - 50% of ZenMetal!) type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 13.96K Date : 9-Jul-96 Download : 💾
UUBoing 1.13 (07-Jul-96) - CNet Amiga 4.13+ UUCP Mail Bouncer © 1993-96 Bob Maple - "What is UUBoing?" The current major release of C-Net Amiga, v3.0, has an exciting addition; the internal support for UUCP! This brings on other problems. Since users may or may not have free run on the network from your system, it's possible that they could get deleted or decide to change their netname. If someone on the net should happen to send mail to a non-existant user at your machine, the files just lay around in UUMail:. UUBoing solves this by 'bouncing' messages that arrived for users it does not know. It remails the original sender letting him/her know that the person they mailed couldn't be found, and sends you (postmaster) a message letting you know it bounced a message. UUBoing works by scanning the C-Net 'bbs.ukeys4' file, which contains a list of all the users on your board, their real name, and their UUCP name. UUBoing collects files in UUMail: and attemps to match them to users on your system via their UUCP name, and if it can't, bounces the message. Simple as that.
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