short : Capture the flag PFile v1.2 for CNet v3.05+ author : uploader : andrewt caslon cs arizona edu architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 17.47K Date : 5-Apr-94 Download : 💾
Stratego a CNet C PFile Game ---------------------------- Written by fAlken Support BBS: The Dark Tower (310) 568-1518 To register send $10 to: Drew Tennenbaum 142 South Tucson Blvd. #30 Tucson, Arizona 85716 This is a very simple game to setup as well as to play. To setup you the sysop just need to un-arc the file into your PFiles: directory using the command: lha x Stratego PFiles:. Stratego is very similar to capture the flag and is based on the Milton Bradley (c) game, Stratego. To setup the game after it has been un-arced just add it to your pfiles as a C file. Some notes about STRATEGO! -------------------------- The sysop and the two players playing the game can delete their game at anytime. When a game is completed one of the players or the sysop must clear the game. Plans for the future include automatic clearing of a game after a game has remained idle for a period of time or after a game is completed. If you note any errors or bugs please report them to "fAlken" on The Dark Tower (310) 568-1518 or The Syko Ward (602) 323-7635. Please note where the error occured, how many players were playing, and any other information that may be pertinent to the de-bugging of the game. NOTE - The Dark Tower has FIDO, CLINK, and SWNET, so netmail me if possible. v1.0 - Release version. v1.1 - Fixed minor bugs. v1.2 - Added OLM to a player if they are online and their opponent just finished their turn. Added MAIL feature so players know what their opponents last move was. Sends mail @ end of turns to opponents. More minor bugs fixed.
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