short : SModem interface for CNet v3.05c author : (Reijo Rypale) uploader : rrr klinja fipnet fi (Reijo Rypale) type : comm/cnet version : 0.20 replaces : comm/cnet/SadoModem.lha requires : CNet v3.05c architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 56.93K Date : 23-Jan-98 Download : 💾
SadoModem v0.20 is an SMODEM (bi-directional transfer protocol with chat) interface for CNet v3.05c BBS software. Because of the simultaneous upload/download without any cps loss, smodem is quite superior to zmodem or other xpr-based protocols. SadoModem is freeware and completely written in C. Sourcecode is included. New in 0.20: ¤ Selects the upload partition according to free space available ¤ Doesn't ask user to re-describe already described files ¤ CD-ROM temp dir support ¤ Datafile writing rewritten (still hacky) ¤ Fixed the handling of aborted/skipped uploads ¤ Removes only those files which were downloaded from the selectlist ¤ Lets user download the files she has credits to ¤ Uses subboards own semaphore to lock the subboard while using the datafiles. Hope it works better now. Atleast its slower. ;)
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