short : CNet users can D/L files at any prompt author : (Bill Beogelein) uploader : ag775 detroit freenet org (Bill Beogelein) type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 10.17K Date : 28-Oct-95 Download : 💾
v1.5 shows a list of commonly needed files that callers can mark (and/ or download) just by typing "QuickDL" at any prompt. Config to your liking. Written for CNet v3.05. > Quick-DL of Commonly Used Files > > [A] CNet-BBS Demo (disk 1 of 2). > [B] CNet-BBS Demo (disk 2 of 2). > [C] CNet-BBS HELP files. > [D] Commonly asked questions about this BBS. > [E] Info on compressing/uncompress files. > [F] List of all files online. > [G] Rules of this BBS. > [H] External 14k4 v.32 Fax/Modems $99. > [I] External 28k8 V.Fast/v.34 Fax/Modems $159. > [J] Latest Virus-Checker by John Veldthuis. > [K] Frequently asked questions about the Amiga. > [L] 101 questions to ask a BBS author BEFORE you buy his software. > [M] AmigaWorld Magazine review of CNet-BBS v3.05c. > [N] Questionnaire regarding new update for Arexx. Mail this in!!! > Select: Bill Beogelein ( Box 530441 Livonia, MI 48153 USA SysOp of: The Amiga ShareWare HeadQuarters BBS 1-810-473-2020, 28k8, 2-lines Fido: 1:2410/207 *** EOF QuickDL.readme ***
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