short : CNet 3.x - 4.x door. Let validated users vote in new users author : (Urban Alho) uploader : cinzano hem2 passagen se (Urban Alho) type : comm/cnet version : 1.7 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 44.71K Date : 27-Jun-97 Download : 💾
pST-vOTEiN V1.7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is it? Requirements Installation "bugs" Who did it? 1997-06-26 . . . : : . . . . What is it? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Short- Its a very handy thing wich let your users easely VOTE if new users should be granted access. Long- Its very simple. They just use their arrowkeys and vote what they whant. How long a user should whait until you should count the votes you decide yourself in the config. If a user vote "negative" one day he could always change next day and vote "positive" by running the door again. A mail is sent to all the new users. If they have been validated or not. (You can rewrite the mail yourself) If a sysop is logging on an let us say that he know a new user he could always press the (V)alidate buttom for immidiate validation. Why choose this one? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Cause that one i tryed was so lame that my toes froze to ice. 2. You can use arrowkeys wich your users may prefere? 3. It has PC-8Bit(PC)/ISO-latin8(Amiga) compatible menus. Requirements ~~~~~~~~~~~~ CNet Pro V4.27b (It dont work on older versions) Arexx CED is very userful to use when you configure inside the rexxcode New users. :) ( Thats all what i know so far ) Installation: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Copy all the files to pfiles:prospect/vote-in/ (or wherever you whant) 2. Add this line to your systext:sys.welcome. T15 #0}JE 2}#0CNet:PFiles/prospect/Vote-In/pST-vOTEiN.rexx}2} (If you are using my great "edit login" door then add the door as usual and set a minimum acess for using it.) 3. Change line 1124 in your bbstext so it looks like thisone below here. n1New user process completed.n1#0CNet:PFiles/prospect/Vote-In/pST-vOTEiN_REGIS.rexx} 4. Add the pST-vOTEiN_MAINT.rexx script in your event program. (Look at the CONFIG.IFF for help) 5. Also take a look in all scrips if there is any configuration for sysops. (But not necessery) "bugs" ~~~~~~ V1.6 ~~~~ Now you can run the maint script how many times/day you want. But it will only validate users the first time you run it. Now the maint script exit correct so it dont re-run itself everytime you reboot your system. You can now configure an minimum access wich should be required for voting. Your users can now chose between (Q)uick logon, (N)ormal, (C)onfigure it, (PERSONAL) everytime they logon. A lot of errormessages is implanted. Dont write ANYTHING in the *.DAT file if you dont know exactly what you are doing. Its not THAT hard to figure out how to do, but dont blame me if something whent wrong. V1.7 ~~~~ The only bug if fixxed in this version is that it didnt registrate any new users. Now it does. :) Still have to do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -You tell me! Who did it? ~~~~~~~~~~~ cINZAN0^pST spend 4 f*cking days for you to be happy. So do something yourself and spread it. Please send Bug reports to: cINZAN0^pROSPECT/sUPREMACY/oUTLAWS (Or suggestions) World trade center +46-(0)31-128704 (Or complimangs:) World Trade Center +46-(0)31-128047 email: Remember! this is an... ___________ _______ _ ___ _______ _ ________________ _ _____ ___________ \\___ / _ ///_ \_\ __///__\__ / ____///_ / __/__\_ / | /_____/ /____/ / \ \ //_____/_ / |__ \ |__ __// |__ __\|_____\ _ _______/___________/______\ /_________| /________|/____\ [ p r o d u c t i o n ]
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