short : CNet 3.x - 4.x door. All in one - Top 10 statitics wall. author : (Urban Alho) uploader : cinzano hem2 passagen se (Urban Alho) type : comm/cnet version : 4.2 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 24.06K Date : 27-Jun-97 Download : 💾
pST-tOP (TM) V4.2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is it? Requirements: Installation: "bugs" Who did it? Whats new? Register Features 1997-Jun-27 . . : : . . . . What is it? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Short- It's a door for CNet 3.05x - 4.27b+ (Maybe works on other versions) witch let you users get a fast and simple information about top- statitics. Long- I'ts like a wall... And let you easely switch sort-order with the arrowkeys. It do ONLY display the ACTIVE users statitics... So deleted users old "scores" is history next (U)pdate. It can be sorted by CALLS, PUBLIC MSGS, FILES UP, KB UP, KB DOWN, FILES DOWN. Its a very eLITE style on the "layout" but thats the way i like it. If you dont then rewrite progdir:sys.topten Requirements ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arexx & CNet :/ QSort in your C: ( What i know so far ) Installation ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Place all files in Pfiles:prospect/top10/ Add the followin line in your Systext:sys.welcome {#0Pfiles:prospect/top10/pst-top.rexx} Just run it 2 times and the statitics should be correct! "bugs" ~~~~~~ If you find any bugs so please report it to me personally. E-Mail: Who did it? ~~~~~~~~~~~ cINZAN0^pROSPECT spend 2 f*cking eavnings for you to be happy. So do something yourself and spread it. Please send Bug reports to: cINZAN0^pROSPECT World Trade Center #1 +46-(0)31-128704 World Trade Center #2 +46-(0)31-128047 Whats new? ~~~~~~~~~~ V3.1 - The TIME function wich tells the user how long time the update took last time, and who did it. (For BIG systems with slow hardware) V4.2 - Colours everywhere added. Released under prospect. Register ~~~~~~~~ This is freeware! But i would preciate very much if you send me an e-mail and just tell me what you think about it. Features ~~~~~~~~ You tell me! My fantasy ends here... PS. I have to say that i "stoled" a lot rutines from an older program called DMITop by Wolverine. Who should have half the credits... Remember! this is another... ___________ _______ _ ___ _______ _ ________________ _ _____ ___________ \\___ / _ ///_ \_\ __///__\__ / ____///_ / __/__\_ / | /_____/ /____/ / \ \ //_____/_ / |__ \ |__ __// |__ __\|_____\ _ _______/___________/______\ /_________| /________|/____\ [ p r o d u c t i o n ] wHANT mORE cOOL dOORS lIKE diZ? sCAN aMINETS comm/cnet/pst-*.*
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