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Long: Multi-Feedback Written by Vermithrax! of Hell's Furnace BBS 405-789-0038 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Multi-Feedback (MF for short) is a utility that will allow your users to send feedback to not only you, but your co-sysops as well! This can/should ease hassle for you by not having to read/forward feedback to one of your co's about something they can handle. I've made installation as easy as possible. 1. Copy the file MF.rexx to PFILES: or wherever you want to put it. 2. Load up BBSMENU and add the following line at the END of section 2; Available everywhere: F | #0:PFILES:MF.REXX} ^ ^^^^^^^ | ^-(or wherever you put it) | ^-(CTRL-Q) 3. Then find the line that says: Feedback Change that line to read: 2Feedback 4. Now, Re-load BBSTEXT/MENU using the RAMIGA-T. 5. Logon to the BBS and use the "F" command to run it. It will tell you that it could not find the config file and ask you to create it. Just follow the instructions and answer the questions and you'll be done! It will create a textfile in your PFILES: called "sysoplist". You may edit this file as you wish (adding color etc...) as long as you do not add or delete any lines. That's it! You're done! I'd like to hear from you if you use it! ESPECIALLY if you have any suggestions or CONSTRUCTIVE criticisim. My number is at the top of this doc file or I can be reached on Future World. Be sure to check out some of my other files as well! Here's a list in case you don't have any of them: 1+13-Feb 3 Color-V1.LHA 2K Color! V1.2 - Allows users to change the default color and will save the choice to their account and re-load it each time they logon! Bug fix (In the docs... Made a bad typo!) 2+24-Dec 4 diff LHA 2K Will tell you which lines in bbstext are different so that you can mod the new one manually. 3+30-Nov 6 Litng LHA 2K Lightning! Login - Allows users to go DIRECTLY to the main prompt upon login! 4+27-Jan 9 Menus LHA 8K V-Menus! Complete collection of Menus for C-Net 3.xx PRO. ANSI and Very Colorful!!! 5+11-Apr 2 NOSNU LHA 2K This program will restrict Users under 9600 Baud from logging in as a New user. It will let users that already have an account log in at any speed. 6+ 8-May 2 SFX-er1 LHA 59K SFX-er V1.0 by Vermithrax! This will let your users convert a DMS file to a self-extracting archive. (SFX) it will convert it and then add it to the user's select list. once the SFX is downloaded, it is then deleted. 7+30-Jan 7 V-Start LHA 2K Allows you to use multiple random sys.start files. 8+28-Feb 3 V-Tag1.0 LHA 8K V-Tag V1.0! by Vermithrax! ------------------------------------------- Puts random tagline into posts/responses. ------------------------------------------- 9+ 4-Mar 2 V-Tag1.1 LHA 8K Non-MCi version of V-Tag 10+30-Nov 7 VS1 LHA 2K Vermi-Statz V1.0! Much better than the normal (ST)ats the C-Net uses. Nice color display, easy to read. 11+23-Apr 2 VV1 LHA 3K V-Validate - By Vermithrax! ~~~~~~~23 April 1994~~~~~~~ Allows you to use different byte ratios for each indi- vidual file. Written for C-Net V3.05c. (May work on older versions though ) All these files and over 10 Megs more for C-Net by other authors can be found on my BBS! Until the next Pfile..... Hasta la Pizza!
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