short : IQ-Test 2.6 (6-Nov-98) - CNet Amiga v4 IQ-Test C-PFile author : (DR. John M. Hoyt - Warren Peace) uploader : amicon amicon net (DR John M Hoyt - Warren Peace) type : comm/cnet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 13.01K Date : 10-Nov-98 Download : 💾
IQ-Test 2.6 (6-Nov-98) - CNet Amiga v4 IQ-Test C-PFile © 1991-98 John Hoyt - IQ-Test v 2.6 (Requires CNet v4) This is a CNet C-PFile that I have run on my system for many many years, and I thought it was time to release it upon the general public. The original code was written for TAG BBS by The Mad Scientist and RIP of the World Famous Brain Care Specialists BBS... I converted it to a CNet C-Pfile years ago and kept updating it as time would allow. To install, simply place it somewhere, and add it as a CPFile... You are done. It creates a simple log "SysData:IQ-Scores". It places it there instead of SysData:log/IQ-Scores for the simple reason that it is not meant to be read by just everyone who can view logs, and deleted. IQ-Test does not rank the scores, it merely saves them, and it would most likely be best if the log was kept for the "sysop's eyes only" to save anyone from being embarassed by a low score. I would like to thank Kelly Cochran (Trolan) for his help in times of trouble with this code... Thank you bro... Kelley's Addy: And as always, MUCH thanks to Ray Akey, without whom there would be no CNet BBS, which is without a doubt, the best BBS software available, on ANY platform! Ray's Addy: Suggested Contribution of 10.oo USD, however even an email would be nice. For more information, updates, bug reports, etc, please contact: DR. John M. Hoyt 125 Wyatt Oaks Court Easley, SC 29642 WarNPeace on IRC - - #CNetIndependent Architecture: m68k-amigaos
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