short : INetShell v3.25f CNet->Internet SubSystem author : (Andy Dickison) uploader : seahorse dcroads com (Andy Dickison) type : comm/cnet replaces : INetShell.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 275.24K Date : 10-Aug-97 Download : 💾
INetShell is a CNet BBS tool that allows users to use Internet easily. INet has the ability to store user database entries for FTP/TELNET/FINGER sites as well as many other features. This is a full working version, it is only limited in that it will only allow one user to be in INetShell at a time. Once registered. This same version is only limited by the number of active ports that you have on your system. v3.25f update: Works with both v3.05c and v4.xx of CNet Amiga BBS Read installation instructions carefully or it could/will screw up some of your databases. This is a concern with v4.xx of CNet, as the data structures and method of maintaining UUCP IDs has been changed. Changes in this version: /*******************************************************************\ |* INetShell v3.25e Changes *| \*******************************************************************/ REVISIONS : 3.25f (08/05/97) - (IS) Was able to track down and fix the insufficient time bug in INetShell. (Thank you Tempest Bloodguad for your help). Problem resulted from there not being a bbscharges file in use or present. INetShell now will check for the existance of the file. 3.25e (07/22/97) - (IS) Located and fixed a couple of routines that were causing Enforcer Hits. (IS) Hopefully located and fixed the problem some sysops were having with time remaining/accounting system. 3.25d (04/20/97) - (IS) INetShell will now allow the format for ftp file storage as following: AmiTCP:Users/%s/Files/ Where the %s represents the users UUCPID. The ftp path MUST contain a "%s" and end in a "/" or INetShell will not operate correctly. - (IC) Modified to allow the above, and presents NOTE/WARNING message when editing FTP dir path. - (IM) Modified for above to allow for full proper operation. - (IC) Upon exiting INetConfig, if Config/text files have been copied to ram: Configuration changes will be automatically updated in ram: - (IS) Found a corrected a problem with INet not able to correctly locate itself when program was being made resident. - (IC) Found a corrected a problem with INetConfig not able to correctly locate itself when program was being made resident. - (IM) Found a corrected a problem with INetMaint not able to correctly locate itself when program was being made resident. 3.25c (03/25/97) - (IS) Located a problem with time left not being properly updated. Fixed. - (IS) Launching of Alynx, no longer requires to the use of the files in AlynxDownload.lha archive. (these files can still be used if desired, but they are required. If the AlynxDownload.lha archive files are NOT used, you must ensure that all proper options for use of Alynx are entered into the config module. - (IC) Sysops can now define the location/types and arguments used for the clients used in INetShell. - (IS) INetShell was not properly locating all of its config files. Fixed. - (IS) Directory maint Kill/Download option in selection submenu not appearing or disappearing on select/deselect all. Fixed. 3.25b (03/02/97) - (IS) Directory maintainance tagging of files for either download or deletion was a bit confusing (not allowing the function to be performed from the selection menu) this has been corrected. One can now delete or download files directly from the selection menu. - (IS) When moving to a submenu of the Directory Maint module, the activity you are preforming is now highlighted in RED and the [ ] are removed, again to avoid confusion for the user thinking that the item is a possible menu selection. - (IS) Fixed a bug that was preventing Outbound TALK client from operation correctly. - (IS) All selection flags are now cleared after either downloading or deleting selected files. - (IS) Fixed a bug in Dir Maintenance Kill Files option, that was not deleted all of the user selected files. - (IS) Fixed a bug in Dir Maintenance that was allowing the ANSI highlight bar move into a spot where no option is available. - (IS) INetShell is now able to located where it is started from allowing you to place it most anyplace. (LIMIT path to 200 characters) - (IC) INetShell is now able to located where it is started from allowing you to place it most anyplace. (LIMIT path to 200 characters) - (IM) INetShell is now able to located where it is started from allowing you to place it most anyplace. (LIMIT path to 200 characters) 3.25a (02/22/97) - (IS) Added some additional HELP menu items, and help has a whole new look and feel. - (IS) For unregistered versions of INetShell, the unreg screen now provides a progress indicator during delay so that user will not think that the system has froze up on them. 3.25 (02/14/97) - (IM) Added INetMaint abilility to maintain its own log file. 3.24 (02/09/97) - (IS) Completed first "release" of CNetC version of INetShell - (IM) Rewrote INetMaint to implement new changes in CNet. - (IM) Log to mail feature now uses mail-task inaccordance with developers instructions. :) - (IS) Removed INetShell Unlimited time feature. No longer required due to CNetC rewrite of INetShell. - (IC) Updated accounting to conform with cnet. (ie instead of using $0.0000/min format, you now enter as 0.01c/min). - (IS) INetShell now checks users FTP Directory size upon initial entry into INetShell and upon leaveing each of the file xfer capable clients. If FTP directory size is over that set in INetConfig, it will remove the ability of the user to utilize a client that has file xfer capability. (NOTE: This does not affect users with maint access enabled.) - (IS) Time Left online for user now updated on all menu screens, taking in account actual time left in call as well as account balance. Converts funds in account balance to minutes automatically. - (IS) INetShell will now, perform the auto-hide/muffle and port monitor in a method that makes sense. It will hide or muffle you only if you are not already hidden/muffled. For port monitor, it will ONLY turn port monitor OFF and not turn it on, when entering INetShell. Additionally it will remeber which ports where set up which way and return them to the original settings upon exiting. - (IS) Added a check to make sure the various clients are installed. If they are not, the option to use them does not even show up in the main menu command list. - (IS) Added Notebook entry option for user defined IRC sites. - (IS) Notebook entries are now displayed as a normal list instead of having to cycle through each one. This allows for faster and more flexible maintenance of the notebook. - (IS) Limited SysOp defined TELNET/FTP menu items to 100. Each menu list can have 100 entries as well, for a possible 10000 different TELNET/FTP listings. - (IS) SysOp defined IRC sites limited to 100. If someone wants this section to be menu capable as are FTP/Telnet sites it can be done. - (IS) SysOp defined Finger sites not presently available, if someone would like this added, it would not be difficult, this could also include a menu list as well. - (IS) Limited user defined TELNET/FTP/FINGER/IRC sites to 100. Will consider setting this up as a menu feature as are the SysOp defined sites. - (IS) Added ability to view files in both ASCII and Hex format. - (IS) You can now either download your selected file right away, or just add them to you download buffer. - (IS) You may now have up to 100 listed Archie servers. INet will use the same type of paging format used elsewhere when more than 10 items in to be listed. - (IS) Added ANSI screen movement to allow both hot key selection and use of the arrow keys. ADDRESS CHANGE FOR INETSHELL REGISTRATION: CND Communications PO Box 7410 York PA 17404-0410
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