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A CNet-BBS v3.05c door (pfile)... Callers can type "HowTo" at any CNet-BBS prompt and see a list of your commonly used HOW-TO files. > Commonly Used How-To Files > > [A] How to gain higher "paid" access. > [B] How to gain higher "non-paid" access. > [C] How to access Merit/Michnet. > [D] How to put your files into the ADS/SKY Fidonet File Echo. > [E] How to put your files into the Internet AmiNet file site (and CD-ROM). > [F] How to put your files into the Fred Fish collection (floppy or CD-ROM). > [G] How to order Fred Fish CD-ROMs. > [H] How to get Amiga files via the Internet with "Anonymous FTP". > [I] How to "Telnet" to any site on the Internet. > [J] How to access Internet FTP/WWW/GOPHER/NEWS/ETC via email. > [K] How to access the Internet for free (via 100s of sites). > [L] How to send Fidonet email to/from the Internet. > [M] How to become a Fidonet Echo moderator. > [N] How to create a new Internet NewsGroup. > [O] How to get the full text of classic books via email. > [P] How to write code correctly. > [Q] How to update a USRobotics 28.8k modem to 33.6k. > > Selection:
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