short : GuideFiler V1.5, filelister for CNet3+, OS3.0 author : uploader : tinic tinic mayn sub de type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 69.80K Date : 13-Jun-95 Download : 💾
TITLE GuideFiler VERSION V1.5 AUTHOR Tinic Urou Steinriesstr. 13 88348 Saulgau - Germany - +49-(0)-7581-3028 UUCP: DESCRIPTION GuideFiler is a professional filelister for CNet3.05+. Features: - Includes FileIDs from nearly all FileID-processors I know. No limitation of 8 lines anymore. (f.ex. MaxDiz, q-diz etc.) - GuideFiler works with a simple GUI for setting up and making the filelists. - It strips all MCI- and ANSI-Codes. - Saves filelist as an AmigaGuide-file. Thats the most confortable way for the users to read filelists. - different sorter modes: alphabetical, Chronological etc. - Displays FileFlags like the normal Browse or Scan command under CNet.(Sysop favorite, Free download, Not validated) - Uses Areas to make special filelist for every subject. REQUIREMENTS: bgui.library (included) OS3.0+ (could also work with OS2.0, didn't test it)
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