short : A feedback replacement allowing for multiple sysops author : Kelly Cochran ( uploader : Kelly Cochran (trolan gnomes org) type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos filename : FeedBack.lha Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 3.04K Date : 30-Mar-96 Download : 💾
Feedback.rexx version 3.1 by Trolan ( Included files: Feedback.readme - this file Feedback.rexx - the feedback replacement Purpose: To allow users to target their feedback based on which of the co/sysops handles the subject of their feedback. An example of the output follows: Feedback 3.1 by Trolan Based on Multi-Feedback by Vermithrax Who would you like to direct this feedback to? 1 - Trolan - System Operator (Administrative questions) 2 - Kirath - Co-SysOp (all other questions) Enter the number of the co/sysop (Q=Quit/Default=2): Configuration: Near the top of the ARexx, you will find the different configuration options for what you'd like the header to look like, and where you'd like the config file stored. Installation/Usage: In your bbsmenu, change the line in the menu 'Available Anywhere' that reads: "Feedback" to "2Feedback" or some other nonsense. At the bottom of that menu add "Feedback | {#0 PFiles:BBS_Cmds/Feedback.rexx}" using the path you installed it in. Then run the program to setup the configuration file. Anytime after you've setup the config, you can type in whatever command you have the feedback installed as followed by "config" to rerun the configuration process. This program has been tested under CNet 4.x beta, and it does work. Config file format: Line 1 : # of sysops defined|default recipient Line 2+: account #|Sysop Handle|Description of duties Version History: v3.1 - (29-Mar-96) - AmiNet Release Minor code cleanup and color changes v3.0 - ( 7-Feb-96) - Initial use on The Gnome's Guest House (updates can be found on or on my system (which currently is INet only) Thanks: Ken Pletzer - Yes, he does get flamed alot for his support, but he has written the best bbs software for any platform. Dotoran - For the great CNet ARexx references (GU_Tools, ARexx Toolkit) Vermithrax - For writing the original Multi-feedback which I got the idea for this program from. Author: I can be reached at either: - CNet system I co-sysop on the Internet - My system (currently on the net as well) Please drop me a line if you have a bug to report, or ideas where I can improve this program. Thanks!
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