short : Scripts + Configs to use JAM-MAIL w/CNet uploader : marlin cnet577 cts com type : comm/cnet architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 31.45K Date : 10-Jul-94 Download : 💾
Long: This archive contains scripts, files and modifications I have come up with to make life for ME a little bit easier when using Jam-Mail as my front-end mailer package with the CNet Amiga BBS Software, v3.05c. It should be noted that I have included NONE of the actual JamMail files, and that it is expected that you have the latest version of Jam-Mail up and running on your systems BEFORE attempting to use these files. The version of Jam-Mail I am using, as of this writing is: JAMMAIL : JamMail 0.98.421 Jun 28 1994 (20:48:31) It should ALSO be NOTED that ALL of these files are working perfectly for me at the time of this writing, so problems which may occur are more probably problems on YOUR end, instead of a problem with one of these scripts. Your problems could range from a bad setting value to specific hardware problems. I do NOT make this guarantee concerning the "JamCall.rexx" file, as I am still making additions and changes to this file as I learn more and more about how to use this Jam-Mail software. If you are using a dialer script for YOUR JamMail setup, PLEASE forward a copy of it to me, so I can learn even MORE. I will note your additions in a future release if I include them in my dialer script. Each directory in this archive has a "!Dir_Contents!" file located inside of it. This file will tell you about all included files within that directory, as well as some instructions on their usages. Most of the actual scripts and Arexx files have comments in them which should further aid you in figuring out what each file does. I have made sure that the directory structure of this archive MATCHES that used on my system, as the scripts and files included here use this structure in locating the files to be launched. If you use a different structure on your system, you will have to rewrite portions of some of the files to reflect where YOU have those files stored. There are three types of files included in this archive: Poll-Script1 Poll-Script2 - are both DOS scripts. Files ending in ".rexx" are written in straight ARexx. Files in the "pfiles:fido/" directory are written in CNet-ARexx. Keep this in mind if you should edit any of these files. It is very important that you not tell one of these files to do something it doesn't know how to do. This may cause you more grief than you wanted. If you have ANY questions pertaining to these files, please feel free to drop me some mail, but don't expect a "quick fix" or a "quick reply", as I am being swamped with different projects lately, but I'll try and get a reply back to you as soon as I can. - Dotoran 7/2/94
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