short : Boink 2.18 (22-Oct-98) - CNet Amiga 4.69+ UUCP Mail Bouncer author : (DR. John M. Hoyt - Warren Peace) uploader : amicon amicon net (DR John M Hoyt - Warren Peace) type : comm/cnet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 19.89K Date : 6-Nov-98 Download : 💾
Boink 2.18 (22-Oct-98) - CNet Amiga 4.69+ UUCP Mail Bouncer © 1993-98 Bob Maple - John Hoyt - Kelly Cochran - "What is Boink?" Since the 3x release of CNet, there has been support for UUCP Mail... The 4x series has even better support, thanks to the efforts of Ray Akey! This brings on other problems. Since users may or may not have free run on the network from your system, it's possible that they could get deleted or decide to change their netname. If someone on the net should happen to send mail to a non-existant user at your machine, the files just lay around in UUMail:. Boink solves this by 'bouncing' (or Boinking!) messages that arrived for users it doesnot know. It remails the original sender letting him/her know that the person they mailed couldn't be found, keeps a log of bounced items so the Sysop may monitor activity. And optionally will place a copy of the Boinked mail in the Sysop/Postmasters mailbox. Boink works great with CNet because in v4.69 a 'hook' was added to the bbstext which will let you place the command line to call Boink and it will be executed after all mail is done processing in uumail: and items for unknown users are moved to uumail:unknown/ Simple as that. Boink would not be possible if it were not for Bob Maple contributing the source to his UUBoing, which this program started out as. Thank you Bob! Bob's addy: Kelly Cochran is also owed a bit of gratitude for his help in making Boink work nicely! Danke Kelly! Kelley's Addy: Also, much thanks to Ray Akey for continuing to provide us with CNet Amiga, without a doubt the best BBS software available for ANY platform! Ray's Addy: For more information, updates, bug reports, etc, please contact: DR. John M. Hoyt WarNPeace on IRC - - #CNetIndependent Architecture: m68k-amigaos
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