short : 1oo% C/VDEd - editor for VDE files + "SDK" author : (Devil/1oo%) uploader : devil p-lost franken de (Devil/1oo%) type : comm/cnet requires : CNet/4.x architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 26.77K Date : 9-Jul-98 Download : 💾
_____. __________. __________. __ _____ / |_/ __ |_/ __ | \// / | || / || / | / / | || || | / /__ |____/¯|__________/¯|__________/¯ \___/ \/ ========================================== Name: C/VDEd Author: Devil/1oo% Type: CNet door Release: 02-Jul-98 Vers: 0.87 ...READ THIS FIRST! --. - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------' This is just another piece of software which took really long finishing it. I worked *many* hours to make this door what it is now, like I did with any other of my CNet doors. I'm kind of frustrated because I haven't received much feedback about my other projects until now. To be precise, I have not received one damn single message. I don't know what's wrong with you guys out there, but please send me a message if you think this program is kind of useful, good, bad, whatever, just please write *something*. If I don't receive at least a single message, I'll probably stop developing CNet doors! ...introduction --. - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------' C/VDEd is the first (public?) editor for CNet's VDE (Visual Data Editor) Files. The idea for this nifty tool arose while I started programming my first huge CNet door, which should handle a large number of configuration possibilities. But reading/writing/parsing plain text configs came out to be not exactly what I wanted. Hence I decided to learn a little about CNet's VDE. After hours of testing (thanks to missing developer support for CNet!) and help from Fate I figured out how the elements of VDE work together. When I was about to create my own VDE mask I recognized that this is really a lot of hard hand-work. At that point, it was clear that I had to write an editor for VDE datafiles - you're about to see the result now: C/VDEd! «« b a r i n g · a n y · s e n s e »»
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