short : 1oo% C/Justice v1.00 - faker/rewarder author : (Devil/1oo%) uploader : devil p-lost franken de (Devil/1oo%) type : comm/cnet requires : CNet /4.x architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 23.93K Date : 31-May-99 Download : 💾
_____. __________. __________. __ _____ / |_/ __ |_/ __ | \// / | || / || / | / / | || || | / /__ |____/¯|__________/¯|__________/¯ \___/ \/ ========================================== Name: C/Justice Author: Devil/1oo% Type: CNet door Release: 30-May-99 Vers: 1.00 ...what the hell is it? --. - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------' C/Justice is a so called "Nuker" or "Faker" and "Rewarder". There already do exist a lot of doors that approach the same goal (the best known being Q-Punish and Credit Exterminator): take or add credits from/to an uploader. We call this one "Justice". Sort 'em out, dude! :) You may think you don't need such a tool (at least for "nuking"), since CNet has a built in credit remover. But consider the the following situations: o someone has uploaded very old software or some other crap. For the sake of completeness of your *nice* :) filebase, you decide to keep the file online - but you don't want to reward the uploader with "full" credit for a valid upload. With Justice, you can remove the credits for the upload only *partly*, while keeping the file online. o someone has uploaded a dupe. Maybe the file already exists and the uploader has renamed the file just to make some fast credits, or the file has finally made its way into Aminet and everyone thinks its new and spreads it around, yet you already have it from a *better* source. With Justice, you can *keep* the file in your file catalog and mark it with a comment to the description, letting the other callers know that you don't need the file again, just because it popped up on Aminet. o you have different ratios for various filetypes. Regular software gets e.g 3:1, modules and pictures only 1:1. Someone makes a batch upload to your global "uploads" subboard (which is a perfectly natural thing to do), receiving "regular" credit for all the files (which is not the way things should go on your BBS). With Justice, you can select the whole *range* of files that don't get the regular ratio, and correct the uploaders credit. o someone has uploaded a requested file, something you've been eager to have for *ages*, a great brand-new demo from a party, something like that. With Justice, you can give the uploader *additional* credits for being so nice. o You have a permanent event like a competition, e.g. you are just mad about the great modules from Neurodancer (hint-hint! hehe), and to motivate your users to upload all of that damn crap, you made the public announcement that all those files will be rewarded with bonus credits. ...yes, there are many reasons for extracting the whole archive to your harddisk. :) «« b a r i n g · a n y · s e n s e »»
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