short : Easier uploading for CNet/4 author : uploader : neurodancer gmx de type : comm/cnet version : 1.0 requires : ARexx, CNet/4 BBS architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 4.07K Date : 28-Jun-99 Download : 💾
"UllaGulla" v1.0 by Neurodancer/1oo% In CNet, if one tries an upload in a subboard where he/she has no upload access, CNet will only tell the caller indeed has no upload access, and leave him/her alone with that. If the above happens with my tool installed, the caller will get a message to which subboard the upload should go to instead (guess what, you should have some "upload" subboard for that), and a prompt asking if he/she wishes to directly go there and start the upload. OR the tool will take the caller to the correct subboard automatically, without any prompt, and invoke the "U" command for him. UllaGulla is a very "quiet" tool, it won't output much except a small message and, if configured, the prompt. Its just there to make uploading easier. Oh, and the name is just a gaga variation of "UpLoads GO"... :) Please read the included documentation for detailed information.
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