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Hello You All!!! How Many of You have had problems when trying to use the contents of a CD when it's not in the right format? I've made this little program to convert the INDEX file in the right format for the Excelsior! BBS all you have to do is to Build your areas in BBS:Fbase/Aminet/XXX where XXX is the name of the nested directory contained in the CD. Let's verify the usage with an Example: Let's you have a CD in which is a directory 'CD0:Aminet/Comm/misc' and your areas (the main path excluding the smartpath) are stored in: 'BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/' so you will have a directory as this : 'BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/misc' Now if you have rightly set up the area, now use my little program to create the Files.BBS compatible with E!, in this Way: Rx BBS:Xfiles4 Comm misc Aminet_0294 Where: * Comm is the directory nested in CD0:Aminet/ * misc is the directory nested in CD0:Aminet/comm/ * Aminet is the directory nested in BBS:Fbase/ The final File.BBS file, will be stored in the dir: 'BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/misc' A suggestion is NOT to use the smart path, with this kind of CD as I think it's not usefull and safe, better type a long series of Alternate Path listed in the Ex.BBSPath file. Here I include my smartpath list to make you under- stand: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ # BBSPaths # # Path number, path1, path2, path3, path4, path5... # # Path# 99 denotes the "TRASHCAN" path. This is where deleted files are # held until further deletion. 1,BBS:Fbase/ 2,BBS:Mbase/ # Path Per il Cd Shareware di Windows 3,CD0:,BBS:Fbase/ #Path Per l'Aminet 02 '94 4,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/biz/,CD0:Aminet/biz/dbase,CD0:Aminet/biz/demo,CD0:Aminet/biz/misc,CD0:Aminet/biz/patch 5,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/comm/,CD0:Aminet/comm/bbs,CD0:Aminet/comm/envoy,CD0:Aminet/comm/fido,CD0:Aminet/comm/mail,CD0:Aminet/comm/misc,CD0:Aminet/comm/net,CD0:Aminet/comm/news,CD0:Aminet/ comm/term,CD0:Aminet/comm/ums,CD0:Aminet/comm/uucp,CD0:Aminet/comm/bbs/Excel,CD0:Aminet/comm/bbs/dlg 6,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/demo/,CD0:Aminet/demo/Euro,CD0:Aminet/demo/tg93 7,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/dev/,CD0:Aminet/dev/amos,CD0:Aminet/dev/asm,CD0:Aminet/dev/c,CD0:Aminet/dev/cross,CD0:Aminet/dev/debug,CD0:Aminet/dev/docs,CD0:Aminet/dev/e,CD0:Aminet/dev/gcc,CD0: Aminet/dev/gui,CD0:Aminet/dev/lang,CD0:Aminet/dev/m2,CD0:Aminet/dev/misc,CD0:Aminet/dev/moni,CD0:Aminet/dev/obero,CD0:Aminet/dev/src 8,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/disk/,CD0:Aminet/disk/bakup/,CD0:Aminet/disk/cache/,CD0:Aminet/disk/cdrom/,CD0:Aminet/disk/copy/,CD0:Aminet/disk/misc/,CD0:Aminet/disk/moni/,CD0:Aminet/disk/optim/ ,CD0:Aminet/disk/salv/ 9,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/game/,CD0:Aminet/game/demo,CD0:Aminet/game/gag,CD0:Aminet/game/hint,CD0:Aminet/game/jump,CD0:Aminet/game/misc,CD0:Aminet/game/patch,CD0:Aminet/game/role,CD0:Aminet /game/shoot,CD0:Aminet/game/think 10,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/gfx/3d,CD0:Aminet/gfx/3dobj,CD0:Aminet/gfx/anim,CD0:Aminet/gfx/conv,CD0:Aminet/gfx/edit,CD0:Aminet/gfx/fract,CD0:Aminet/gfx/misc,CD0:Aminet/gfx/opal,CD0:Aminet/gf x/pbm,CD0:Aminet/gfx/show,CD0:Aminet/gfx/x11 11,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/hard/,CD0:Aminet/hard/anno,CD0:Aminet/hard/drivr,CD0:Aminet/hard/hack,CD0:Aminet/hard/misc,CD0:Aminet/hard/test 12,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/Info/,CD0:Aminet/Info/adt,CD0:Aminet/Info/sites,CD0:Aminet/Info/start,CD0:Aminet/Info/stats 13,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/Misc/,CD0:Aminet/Misc/amag,CD0:Aminet/Misc/edu,CD0:Aminet/Misc/emu,CD0:Aminet/Misc/math,CD0:Aminet/Misc/misc,CD0:Aminet/Misc/sci,CD0:Aminet/Misc/unix 14,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/Mods/,CD0:Aminet/Mods/chart,CD0:Aminet/Mods/misc 15,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/Mus/,CD0:Aminet/Mus/edit,CD0:Aminet/Mus/midi,CD0:Aminet/Mus/misc,CD0:Aminet/Mus/play,CD0:Aminet/Mus/smpl 16,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/OS20/ 17,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/OS30/ 18,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/PIX/ 19,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/Text/ 20,BBS:Fbase/Aminet_0294/,CD0:Aminet/Util/ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ These works fine with the aminet CD from Walnut Creek of 02/94. The programs is PD and I hope it will make your life easier. The Program is incredible Simple in Understanding its usage, so i think this should be all for Today. If You have any question you can contact me via FIDO At Address 2:332/532.0>Massimiliano Pala Or via Gateway Internet at: Or just call at my site BBS : ++39-59-370262 Or Just Write me at : Pala Massimiliano Via Sassari N.20 41100 Modena (MO) Italy Ok, that's truly the end, in the hope my work will please you and that aminet organizers send me a CD of the Aminet Series, I Thanks you all and I say you a Very Big GOOOOOOODBYE!!!!
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