short : External MUI UserEditor V1.30 for FAME BBS author : (Sascha Pfalz) uploader : siegel trsi de (Sascha Pfalz) type : comm/bbs version : V1.30 replaces : comm/bbs/usered12.lha requires : Kick V3.x, MUI V3.6+, FAME BBS V1.30+, FAME.library V5+,NList.mcc architecture : m68k-amigaos kurz : Externer UserEditor V1.30 fuer FAME BBS Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 109.96K Date : 29-Jul-98 Download : 💾
This Editor allows to edit all Users without using the internal UserEditor. It is based on MUI V3.6, is localized (german/english) and has all features the internal UserEditor of FAME has, additional Features like advanced Searching are also integrated. This Program is FreeWare. In V1.30 the Advanced Search Window was rewritten to use NewList.mcc by Gilles Masson. This was required during two new Search Options (First login date/Last login date) which where added for this release. Also some code optimisations are done. It requires now Kickstart V3.x to run, lower Versions won't work anymore!
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