short : Upl v1.2, PRO TransAmiga Uploading Tool author : (Stuart Ed Gillibrand) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 84.12K Date : 24-Mar-97 Download : 💾
.µ¸ µ. jµµµµ_ µµµ ¶Ø¹ ¶# ¬ØØ@¶#L ]Ø# #Ø ## ØØÞ ØØÞJØ# #Ø ## ØØÞ ØØ1JØ# #Ø ## ØØKµØØÞJØ# #Ø ## ØØØÑÑ° JØ# _ #Øx_Æ# ØØ1 jØQ__µ# ¯0ØØد JØØÑ ØØØØØØ Upl Upload Processing Software For TransAmiga BBS Systems Version 1.2 (C) Copyright 1996-7 S.Gillibrand - Digital Design * FREEWARE * UPL is a replacement for the standard TransAmiga upload command.. Mainly written becuase I was sick of the standard one and how it worked. o This does ALL the jobs the original did plus a few extras which you should like if I'm correct (Respect Mystic Meg ;!). o You can have more than 1 line of description per file (Definable by you the SysOp). o Possible to limit number of lines allowed to be taken from a FILE_ID.DIZ. o It will inform the user of how much byte credit is being added each time (s)he has uploaded a file. o Looks a lot nicer :). o Will Switch to the upload area automatically (So no more pressing A and selecting 1/etc.). o Will scan for File_Id.diz's in files using standard file.cfg faster than TransAmiga. o Will look for afterul.trans in BBS:REXX which will be executed _AFTER_ all the file description entering has taken place, if it exists. o Will detect a local logon and use C:Requestfile or String entering for local file uploads (multiple/single). o Spews out loads of nice statistics after upload(s) :-). o SysOp definable time/byte bonus. o Creates a tempfile in T: containing parsable data for external programmes. o Fully supports Non-Batch protocols. o Fully supports Multi-Line BBS systems. o Looks for Aminet® style .ReadMe files. o Very fast. o Full logging capabilities. o Unarchives using the famous "IceArc" :). o Highly configurable. o Full duplicate checking via external FAST C programmes. o Badlist option. o Uses VirusZ (IMHO THE best virus checker on the Amiga). o Add/Delete file(s) from archive(s) (i.e. BBS Ads). o Moving of file(s) to private SysOp area. o Strips Spaces From Filenames. o Packing of NEW File_ID.DIZ's. o Check to see if file is online before upload feature. o Informs savings in bytes & percent gained from deleting specific file(s). o Batch uploading, automatically adding default description (very handy).
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