short : Trion Shareware BBS package V1.10 author : (Paul Spijkerman) uploader : pascal ddimedia com (Pascal Dreissen) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.63M Date : 20-May-98 Download : 💾
Trion BBS is a ShareWare multinode BBS with RIPscrip BBS graphics, echomail, mailer with EMSI & IEMSI , areafix, tick processor, allfiles, SplitChatDoor, CDRomDoor etc etc.. Controllable through scripts (by a Cron utility). Fax and Voice programmes are spawnable. Runs CliDoors, ParagonDoors, Arexx Doors, Max's BBS Doors. Major changes from version V1.00 to V1.10 (Shortlist) -Some small bugs fixed. -Added some Arexx door commands and rewritten the handler. -Rewritten part of the RipScrip BBS graphics code. Written some RipScrip door support code and a demo door how to show menus in a RipScrip door. -Added ConnectSpeed, ConnectType to lastcaller data. Updated the lastcaller program with a %t variable for showing the connect speed in ANSI screens. Make a number of configs for differend screens. -Rewritten the GUI-system. For instance list scrolling is a lot smoother. The scroller and list size is dynamic. -Now there are 100 lastcallers in the TrionRM GUI lastcaller list where you can scroll through. The connect speed is now shown in short form in the lastcaller list. -Written a GUI EchoMail config editor. -Updated the GUI file editor. You can for instance edit, move or delete multiple files. Lists loading is much faster. -Updated the GUI user editor. You can for instance edit or delete multiple users. Lists loading is much faster. Option to get last on date and the place name in the list. Added (last) BaudRate and TotalMinutes (called) variables to the UserDatabase data. -Written a GUI tool to show what goes on in BBS scripts. -Added a fully programmable button window to the TrionRM GUI for starting shell tools or third party GUI tools. -Enhanced the Areafix program with FileFix commands. Added a load of commands for for instance new list modes and to change compression methodes and passwords, to pause and resume all sections. It can make optional 'long' lists for sections with long names. Added an option to 'lock' a section from disconnecting. Added an optional bounce netmail funtion. -Added group support for Message and File sections. -Updated the whole packet so TagNames can be up to 79 characters which allows newsgroups with long names to be used. -Added TagLine support. -Updated the Mail processor. Changed the default archiver from LZX to LHA. Added an option to move damaged messages to the bad section. Fixed SeaDog datetime format. Added an option to archive Netmail which makes starting the AmiGate program through an Archiver type very easy. Added an option to check if a node exists before exporting received netmail further. -Build in E-mail support to handle kludges and gate addresses. -Added an optional command to scan waiting messages (for new users FI), because in the current system the mail processor only added messages to a users waitingmail file when a message is imported. This is an enhancement, the current command produces a scan very quick but did nothing for new users. -Added menu commands to make scanning or reading of messages to or from the current user online easier. -When reading global new messages, it prints a line with the section name currently scanned for new messages. -Added a 'Continue' menu command. With this command you can ask (confirm) the user if he really wants to do something. -Doubled the command buffer in the menu compiler from 8K to 16K. -Updated the Allfiles program and added a newfiles mode. -Updated the Tick program. It can Unpack archived Tick archives. It now adds descriptions to netmail written by TrionTick. -Added an option to the scheduler to open in on the TrionRM public screen. -Updated the BulkUpload program. It can for instance Upload to one section instead of all. -Added an option to the checkfilebase program to remove old files. If the files are older then the number on the command line it will tell you the file is old. -Written a program to remove users that have not called for a number of days. -The mailer now picks the first nodenumber with a correct password as the main node number from the remote system. So it always will pickup empty or freq mail packets. -Written a 'ScanUserStats' and 'ShowStats' for showing things like Download/upload bytes/files, top number of calls, top minutes online, top messages written. It has an option to exclude users with sysop level. Programs do basically the same as 'TopDL' but use a data file instead of scanning the whole userbase. -Changed the modem handling code a bit because ISDN terminal adapters and external ISDN/V34 modem give connect responses much faster than analogue modems. Changed internal modem speeds from 16 to 32 bits. Rewritten code that analyses the connect string and recognizes things like analogue/digital connect, datacompression, reliable (error correction) etc. -Changed the internal modem speed variables from 16 bit to 32 bit so I don't have to be afraid they will become to small. -Rewritten the code that splits up the CONNECT line, it detects if it is an digital connect (ISDN), if it is an analog connection (V32 or V34) if error correction (V42, V42BIS, LAPM or REL) or data compression is used (V42BIS or ARQ). -Added auto Zmodem downloading to the terminal.
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