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Timebank 5.3 by David Lascelles Overview and Setup ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Timebank is a Arexx script to use on your BBS to allow users to store any extra time they have for a later session. This version is known to work with Transamiga BBS software v1.2g3 and it should work with those releases below and above. To use the proggy, put the following in your extra.rx script inside your configs directory T Timebank 10 -------- Timebank.trans Please note that the spacing is important.. Then move all the text files to your text directory (text: ??) and Timebank.trans into your rexx directory. I was considering writing an install script for use with installer - but I didn't bother, because the proggy is easy enough to install. When you have moved these files into their respective directories then you need to run the configurator proggy - this has replaced editing Timebank by hand - and also means that Timebank could be compressed. In the Config proggy you will be asked some simple questions which you must answer - IF TBCFG won't run then you'll have to edit the config by hand - see the configs/timebank.cfg for more information on this. The TBCFG should run on all versions from 2.0 upwards. You MUST copy the libs into LIBS: before using. NOTE: All directory names _*MUST*_ end in / if they do not exist, although they can end in : if they do. I have added auto-creation as it. The files : join, dir, type and copy and move need to be in your c: directory - or what ever directory you assign to this in the configs proggy. If you find that Timebank can't find a command then you'll have to assign cdir to "" and see if that helps - you can do that by running the config and changing the C: dir option to nothing. This may happen on miggies from 2.0+ but MAKESURE you make all commands resident if you do that - including join - do that in your User-startup. Features ~~~~~~~~ Timebank v5.0 features the following: Allows users to : deposit time, upto limit set by Sysop withdraw as much time as they have in their accout deposit all and logoff page the sysop and use special ANSI pager send messages to other timebank users see their own and other users stats recieve free time when first entering, from Sysop use "Rob the Bank" gambling feature Transfer money to other user and let them know about it! see an excellent clock (available as seperate proggy) see the Banks own statistics! Allows Sysop to : monitor users in timebank carefully use Sysop module to edit their users' time in bank (by pressing / at the menu) configure easy to use GUI config proggy and play with the rob the bank feature whilst giving themselves extra time! NOTES ON TIMEBANK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As I have not recieved one Netmail from anyone saying they Use Timebank - I therefore presume that none does. Becuase of this IIhave not bothered adding ANSI key support to the proggy. This will allow users to pick other users to examine/send messages to using the cursor keys and may also allow users to send pictures (ASCII) to each other. If you like this program and use it then you are obliged to Register it. Registration is available for 10ukp. Please send your money to: David Lascelles Silver Howe, High Shincliffe, Durham. Dh1 2qp ENGLAND. And include your name and fido address. All vesions released upto 6.0 will be sent to you - after that they will be available for FREQ from here. Non-registered people will not get another copy of Timebank later than this. As soon as you have registered I will send you a version which has built in chatting, time transfers and allows users to send more than one message. These are disabled in this script. ERRORS & SUGGESTIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Any errors/suggestions can be sent to me at my Fidonet address or at the addresses listed at the bottom. My BBs number is also there. Please contact me with any comments. HISTORY ~~~~~~~ V5.2 - I have changed the config creator so that it is GUI - OLD configs canot be used - but theuserfiles are in the same format as v5.1 and 5.2. Also it will now call up the Chat.trans which is in your rexxdir instead of using the built in one. V5.1 - I have fixed one bug in the proggy and have added the ability to have more than one message at a time to one person, and the ability to tell a person that a transfer is from you. Other features may well be added later! V5.0 A major bugfix one - the script could cause loads of problems on some BBss - especially non Workbench 3.0 ones - including no-saving of user files, that has now been fixed. I have added a BankInfo part to the proggy and you must either delete your previous logfile or add a line to the bottom (pressing return afterwards) to tell the proggy what this info file is to be called - it CAN NOT be in the user directory! I have also changed the sysop detecting facilities so that it tells you how to get to the sysops menu if you have the access instead of you having to remember. I have made the Configurator executable using Execrexx, made the code messier ;) and altered little bits for smoothness and niceness I have yet to add the features described in v4.2 future part - but I am considering them. V4.2 The 9th updated version and just a slight upgrade. The reason for the 4.2 is that a version called 4.1 was going around - but did not have different docs! I have not found a proggy that allows me to turn arexx scripts into executables that even people without arexx can use - nor ones which work sufficiently well with arexx running, I will investigate into this further. I have updated some of the text screens and have added a couple more of each to give you more choice (of course you may customerise your own screens - as long as they have the credits somewhere!). I can't really think of much else to add so this may well be the last version of timebank for a while. The next obbvious things are going to be RIP graphics, hotkeys, language support and maybe move movebility so that you can goto the main menu or file or message menus from Timebank - this would not be pretty simple to add. V4.0 The 8th updated version and the first major upgrade since version 2.0. I have got rid of any small bugs/errors that I could find, and have updated the text files. Also I have added a User Stats facility and have changed the user-handling so it is now much better. I have also changed the whole feel to the proggy and have added better ANSI support, as well as a directory checker to see if the directories you have assigned actually exist. I have also added better erro detecting and Carrier loss functions and have added a config proggy to do the hard work for you - this means that Timebank takes slightly longer to load up - as it needs to read it. I have also added a Sysop menu so that you can edit users' time (by pressing / at the menu). I have also finally compacted the code - the next aim being to get Config.rexx to run on its own - which will be in V. 4.1 V3.15 The seventh updated version. I have added a "Send message to user" option and have finally removed all the references to money in the timebank! I have also added better user handling and support for Kilobyte banking will follow - although, as yet no conversion between kilobytes and time. If you would be interested in a feature of this source then please tell me. I had planned to Ansimize the screens - however with a bit of trial (and unfortuanately error) I found that this is not good for the screns and can lead to part of the data being lost. The mail send and recieve in this proggy was courtesy of Keith Suderman and Roger Clark who wrote that Fmail proggy which many of us use. I implemented their code and altered it to suit the different needs of the Timebank. Thanks guys! (9/10) V3.10 The Sixth updated version. Now the code is mostly mine, as I have implemented a brilliant chat proggy written by Ian Willis - please read enclosed docs. Again I have altered some of the variable names and have editted other parts of the script to make it more readable. ANSI is now implemented in the text itself, and I have also added the Rob-The-Bank feature. All the other features remain - but I have updated the Transfer a bit to make it slightly better. Still to be improved are the Statistics side of it, and I would also like to add a kilo-byte deposit section as well as better overall user-handling. Any ideas ? (8.5/10) V3.00 Never released... V2.95 The Fifth updated version. Timebank.trans is now almost entirely my own code and is therefor copyrighted by me at the top.I have re-edited the ANSI screens to remove alot of the colour I had added in places with out text, as this slowed down the screen hugely and made it unbearable for 2400 users. I also added the built in TA page option, and I hope to extend this into a custom page in v3.0+. I have also changed the variable names to more sensible ones, ie maxon for the maximum online time a user may give him/herself.Tried to implement ANSI into the text, but gave up as it was proving to troublesome to redefine all the codes for ANSI and Non-ANSI users...Maybe in v3.0. (8/10) V2.9 The Fifth updated version. (Well the fourth actually).Transfer and Userlisting addedd in a rather cumbersome way.ANSI and ASCII screens updated and all options moved into variables at the Top so that lower part of script can remain untouched.Now can limit the amount of time gained by using Fraud Screen, or disallow it using easy to configure commands.Removed some of the beeps at the end of screens.(7/10) V2.2 The third updated version. Not released at all as bug in Transfer meant that it only worked randomly.(6/10) V2.1 The second updated version. I changed the ANSI and ASCII menus to make them look smarter and more orthodox.I added an option to change the password for the fraud screen without having to go through the script. I also added an extra screen with two new options, Depositing all and Logging Off.I also made the script a bit strange to follow. And VERY messy. (6/10).Also Tested out on The Pitts BBS. V2.0 The first updated version. I added ANSI and ASCII external menus, a fraud screen and I also added a titchy Hello.Doc. Only was uploaded onto the Pitts BBS, and tested briefly there.(6/10) V1.10 The release I first downloaded, it was Ok, the script worked, its menus were internal and it did it's job which was to store users time. It was written by Jim L. Brideau, a person I have never met nor spoken to, and it was available simply as 'Timebank.trans' with no accompaning Docs or Copyright notices.(4/10) FUTURE ~~~~~~ V5.2 (6??) In Version 5.2, I will sparkle up the mail send and userlist options, I am more keen on having it list the users directory than having a standard userlist so this means that there can only be users files in there. If Sami adds kilobyte support in fully then I will also add this, and will also add hotkey support and maybe RIP menus if they ever takeoff. I would also like to use the proggy which the Sysop has stored as Chat.trans for the chat proggy - but I haven't worked out how to yet! If anyone fancies turning the language part of it into another language then I would be happy to intergrate this as well, as I would with any other functions you may suggest especially a guide for this doc!! But that is all in the future - at least a night or two away... Thanks ~~~~~~ Thanks go to C=> for the Amiga and to Tim and Sami for Transamiga, the best Amiga BBS Software.Ian Willis should also be thanked for his chat proggy and also for his BBS Lister and Mail Door. Greg Kerr and Stuart Gillibrand for excellent proggies of theirs which I use and to all other people who have made proggies that I use! If you have any problems or queries or just want to drop by for a chat, my BBS is online 24 hours on +44-(0)91-3832181. Or at any of the following addresses: Fidonet 2:256/503 A/\/\/\/ET 69:69/0 MercuryNet 240:360/306 AmigaNet 39:131/2 A little information on AmNet is included in this Archive!
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