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TechnoBBS is a highly flexible bulletin board system for the Amiga line of computers. One of TechnoBBSs strengths is that it's written for computers running AmigaOS Release 2 or higher. This allows it to take advantage of many major improvements in the Amiga operating system that were introduced in release 2, which makes it much more powerful than older software that is restricted to using only functions available in older (now obsolete) operating systems. Here are some of the features of the TechnoBBS system: - Highly configurable menu-structure (can be created using ARexx or TechMenu scripts) - You can make your BBS look like just about anything (and you should, since it isn't nice if all BBS's look the same), even supporting multiple languages for users - Relatively fast even on a 68000 (though an '020 or higher is useful) - Easy-to-read AmigaGuide manual - GUIs have the "AmigaOS 2.0+ look" and are font-sensitive - Should be compatible with (and capable of using the screen modes of) any graphics boards - Pure executables to reduce memory consumption when multiple nodes are active simultaneously - Bi-directional file transfers are supported via the XPR 2.001 extension using protocols such as DModem - Remote-shell and stdio door support using TechIO - Excellent command line editing features (almost exactly like the Amiga's standard console, including command line history w/retype etc.) - Released as shareware, you can see how you like the software and try out all of the features (no important things, such as serial I/O, are disabled) before buying - Keyfile based registration policy enables an unlimited number of virtually free updates - Split screen chat with SysOp (and in the future, hopefully a similar chat between nodes), much more comfortable than a traditional chat - Should be compatible with any serial boards and devices Hardware requirements: TechnoBBS will run on any Amiga model with a 680x0 processor, Kickstart 2.04 or higher and at least 1MB (it'll probably just barely work, you'll have to have a very simple configuration) of memory, though 1.5MB or more is highly recommended. A keyboard or equivalent may be required. For running a remote BBS, a hard drive is recommended and a modem or equivalent device is necessary. Software requirements: The standard libraries for the operating system release 2.04 or higher are required, and for a remote node a mailer or equivalent should be used to run TechnoBBS whenever a connection is made. A device (usually serial.device) for whatever type of modem or serial board you are using is also necessary for remote operation.
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