short : TransAmiga BBS v1.11 documentation author : & uploader : saradw1 mvmhp ciw uni-karlsruhe de type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 193.21K Date : 23-Nov-93 Download : 💾
This is the official TransAmiga BBS v1.11 release. TransAmiga is a powerfull shareware BBS. It's power is ARexx as you can customize every command via ARexx, make new commands even new menu systems. There is a wide range of possebilities. If you find any bugs report them to the uploader (Sami Radwan). This version is done to get rid of bugs of v1.1. It's a minor update in our view, but the SysOps may find that there are lots of new things - if you compare to v1.1. Most parts of these archives are identical with v1.1 release. There may be several wrong statements in the docs and an incomplete list of changes in the Update.doc file. If you have any problems or detect bugs then send me a mail please. The next version (1.12) will be released as soon as possible. There are several things planed that did not go in this release... Registred SysOps may be able to download the first Gamma version soon. You can download them at any support board. If you wish to be informed when a new version is out send me a mail and I put you on the list. - This archive contains all the documentation files available for TransAmiga. - There is a documentation in amiga guide format for German users. This documentation was written while developement and explains some ARexx commands that are actually disabled for this release as they are untested. The first Gamma version will hopefully enable them. - The other doc files are mostly v1.1 so there are several changes that are not in the english manual. Check Update.doc for a short description of most changes.
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