short : Conference Creation Utility for SigmaExpress author : SIGMASEVEN@NEWWORLD.HAN.DE (Stephan Schiemann) uploader : SIGMASEVEN NEWWORLD HAN DE (Stephan Schiemann) type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 9.18K Date : 1-Apr-95 Download : 💾
SigmaExpress Conference Creation Utility V1.0beta ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author: Stephan Schiemann EMail : SIGMASEVEN@NEWWORLD.HAN.DE ( IRC: Sigma7 ) Date : Late Night of the 27th March 1995 for : SigmaExpress and/or Compatibles/other /X 2.x Clones such as CustomBBS by / File and all other necessary Directories like LCFiles, PartUpload, Hold, MsgBase and Upload. It will also create the following Files: NDirs (will have "1" inside for ONE Dir File, change to your Needs afterwards) ULPaths (will have /Upload/ as default ULPath) Paths (will have /Upload/ as default DLPath) and a small BULL.TXT with a even smaller Note that the Conference has been created using this very nice Program. Future Plans? - Yes sure... maybe a nice GUI for even easier handling. for sure there will be an Interface for you to specify all of the Upload and Download Paths plus Amount of DirFiles Maybe more (Gimme Suggestions, and stay CALM while waiting :)) Thats all for now, pretty tired seeing the Time being 02:15 (24hr Mode..) in the Night. So see you some other Time in some other Utilitity. ************************************************************************** THIS PROGRAM IS FREEWARE - THERE SHOULD BE NO PROFIT BEEN MADE, CHARGES SHOULD ONLY APPLY FOR THE COSTS OF THE COPY OF IT (DISKS ETC.) ************************************************************************** SigmaExpress is (c)1995 Stephan Schiemann. Contact the Author on his own Bulletin Board System for Updates and/or a free "CheckOut"-Version (NO Limitations...) (Guess i need a better Disclaimer huh?)
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