short : The best Daydream wall ever written! author : uploader : bidons digibank it type : comm/bbs architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 13.72K Date : 2-Jun-97 Download : 💾
...a sNOW cRASH pRODUCTION... - 'The best Daydream wall ever written??? Why?!?' - Sit down and read this... FEATURES: + great outlook + full stats door integrated with the sNOwALL + scout door: look if the sysop is available and... + ...who door integrated with the sNOwALL (scout door + YOUR who door) + help on line + lines lenght variable ('mBB' can write more than 'bIGHANDLExyz') note: this make the outlook great, better than other walls + CHEAT MODE: users can gain credits with a sysop-configurable cheat!!! + all actions documented in the logfile + FREEWARE/MAILWARE (mail me comments and suggestions :) FUTURE: + This is only a beta version. I'm working on the sNOwALL v1.o, a wall with TONS of features! WHY AN AREXX DOOR?!? + I can write a C, or a E version of sNOwALL, BUT: -> This door don't need to be fastest. It's fast enough. -> I code arexx doors in 30 minutes, and I don't have time to spend in programming... I'm not a student, I've a job! ;) -> I can convert an arexx door for other bbs programs in 10 minutes :) If YOU want to convert this door, mail me at (NO LAMERS) INSTALLATION: -> +---------------+-------------------------+--------------------+ | FILE | PATH | COMMENT | +---------------+-------------------------+--------------------+ | sNOWaLL.dd | Daydream:Doors/Rexxdir/ | main program | +---------------+-------------------------+--------------------+ | sNOWaLL.dat | Daydream:Configs/ | storage file | +---------------+-------------------------+--------------------+ | sNOWaLL.cheat | Daydream:Configs/ | configuration file | +---------------+-------------------------+--------------------+ -> Add this line to your Daydream:Display/iso/Welcome.GFX ---cut--- ÿDDoors:Rexx %N Doors:Rexxdir/snowall.dd|| ---cut--- -> (if you want) Configure with MUIconfig the sNOWaLL (rexx door) SNOW CRASH: Who's sNOW cRASH? We are 3 indipendent... since 2 months ago :) 1 coder/sysop (mBB), 1 hard rock mucician (CaNcEr), and 1 trader/swapper/designer (mR fUSION). If you want to join sNOW cRASH: + mail at + chat with mBB on #AmigaIta *** Se sei italiano, puoi chiamare la mia bbs... chiedi in giro il numero di TrashLand: solo PD/Shareware e mods free download *** GREETINGS: fEdE^DTC, iCE^TBT, Luk, Pape, Donald, Manny, Troll, Mr Yo, all my friends on #AmigaIta
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