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About Rocket Net History: This is a very young net started with only 3 Maxs boards in April 94 by three Amiga sysops with absolutely no net experience whatsoever. And not enough headaches as it were I had considered joining other Fido nets already established but after sifting through all of the rules and requirements I became a little discouraged. I've always believed in free and uncensored expression of course one must have limits and use common sense on whats appropriate when and where however I got the impression by some of the nets that a great deal of time was spent on 'enforcing rules' in the echos. I wanted to be a part of a net that was informal and fun much like my own BBS so I came to the ol cliche 'If you want something done right then do it yourself' and thus Rocket Net was born. This could not have happened without the help and knowledge of the two other sysops who I consider very good BBS buddies now, Elp in North Carolina, and Kicker in LaPorte Minnesota. Purpose: The purpose of Rocket Net is probably the same as any other net out there ie share information and exchange ideas with people from all over the country and perhaps in the future the world. The main thrust of the net is around the Amiga and its users. We are actively seeking out Amiga Sysops who run MaxsBBS because we feel its one of the best Amiga BBS programs out there and want to support it and its growth as much as possible. This is not an Amiga only net however and we welcome all people who enjoy BBSing as much as we do. We have echos setup for general bbsing, political debates, classifieds, amiga info, pc info, collecting, BBsing, and music discussion...and we are open to new ideas for new echos. The net is young, informal, flexible and very friendly so come get in on the ground floor and become a Rocket Net member today! Goal: Short term goal is to get nodes set up in all 50 states Long term goal is to have a World Wide network of course. Egress-1
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