short : A Lister for the MessageBases of SystemX author : [r]FoX - uploader : house luebeck netsurf de type : comm/amiex architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 82.39K Date : 6-Aug-98 Download : 💾
This XIM-Door will run on SystemX only ! For more detailed Info`s on SystemX write to or join the Sites at or . SX_MSG V1.2 beta ---------------- The MessageLister will give you most controlling about all incoming Messages in all MessageBases. For detailed Info`s read the following Features/History : 10.2.98 - activ prompt, show current msgbase name - msgbase selection with num. input direct at the prompt then readtopic->user.screenlenght->listend only - msgread selection with argument `r 12` or `r12` here join Msg Options of sx - complete msgs indexlist or only the last ones will shown number,date,time,from,to,reply,subject - ascii found and colored :) now MCI-file does clearscreen at beginning (optional), then logo, then door or what ever you want - some bugs fixed - double listing the MessageBases titelbarinfo: current conference name, current time/date, last l max msgs/new msgs in current base 25.3.98 - bugfix - handles 256 MessageBases with maximal 10.000 Messages/MessageBase...enought or better 100k ? - reply marker - shows, if the Message is answered if a msg is replyed more then 1 time, its a double reply marker - new nice looking helpmenu added - private-flag added : + if msg is private subject=`PRIVATE` + private msg subject visible for writer and reciver - delete-flag added : + deleted msgs have `DELETED` in subject 3.4.98 - changed gfx-output a bit - cut the timestring to 5 chars, swap time and date output - move the actualbase(baseindex) function to trash. found XIMFunction(507,0,0) JH_MCI :) for current msgbase at the prompt - bugfix - change the current LRP - new msgs are shown now ! flagged in baseindex and subjectlist an how many of them. - bugfix - cut the messagebasename to 12 chars, coz output trouble - optimised the code, i.e. done an argumentparsing for SX_Function - tuned the gfx a bit - added a small and raw info 22.5.98 - added a Mailscan what shows unreaded and new mails Mailscan let you choose between read the new msg, do not read or quit mailscan. If you like to read your new mail, Mailscan joins the msg automatic, acceps `eall`,`all` and `username` to be acti - call the door with argument `s` for mailscan only ! - added an argument for `s` (scan for unreaded msgs, named `o` to switch all msgs in all msgbases to OLD. - added an argument for `L` (Listview) were you can give a msgnumb from what you like to view the list 28.5.98 - Mail/Msgscan has now a conference user access level check If the User has no access to any conference, the mailscan breaks - an Informationpage was added with more detailed explaination abo the commands 30.5.98 - if Users Screenlength <= 27 lines, the informationpage switched to a second part - optimised the source, killed lamershit. source: 54k including al Ansis 1.6.98 - make the conference axx check more advanced. checks now all confs for axx, does not break after noaxx anymore. Ex: Confaxx: XXX_XX_X - do some more small internal fixes, opts, gfx, funcs, ... only penouts todo: - delete msg by nr. from subjectlist (SXFunction?) - if a msg is replayed, add `re:` to the subject WHILE REPLAYING need implementaion in sx, too, or i do it in the ML - more optimisatione grande par code - better gfx/infos - begin some tests for networking ;)
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